Heroes And Villians

 Heroes ; 

 Mike Modano 
  While I am not ALL about Mike Modano , it is hard to say that he does not have a place here . He is the all time leader in so many categories and not just for my favorite team .

 Jere Lehtinen
  He does all the little things correctly and on such a consistent basis he some times seems too good to be true . He never takes a shift off and gets very little credit for what he does . He does the thankless jobs and he excels at them . He should be the heroes of every blue-collar worker out there like me .

 Ralph Strangis
  No matter what is going on on the ice , he always keeps his head . No matter how bad things may get , he always seems to be calm (example : when Our Stars blew a five goal lead on the Kings he still did not absolutely freak out like I have heard so many other commentators do) . He is very intelligent and when , for some odd reason , he is not on the telecast of a game , I am forced to listen to a time differential from his WBAP 820 AM radio broadcast . A Stars game is just not a Stars game without him calling the game play .

 Daryl “Razor” Reaugh
 If you have read his blog or listened to him when he is doing the color announcing on a broadcast , you know why he is here . His outlook and his comments sometimes leave my wife and I rolling . His exceptionally wide vocabulary is also a riot at times .

 Craig Ludwig
  Ever since he has joined in with John Radigan on the breaks between periods , (and after and before the games) he has been excellent . His take on the game is always right on . His thoughts have sometimes pointed things out to me somethings that I may have missed . I truly hope he sticks around and continues to do what he does here .

 Other players throughout the league have earned spots as heroes , but they are not Dallas Stars and therefore cannot be included here . I do have my favorites (such as ex-Dallas Stars players) and a few that will probably never play for Our Stars .

Villains ;

Mike McGeough
 I am glad he retired and that is all I have to say about him .

Jordin Tootoo
 One of the biggest pests in all of the NHL , not only does he make this list for the sucker punch he took at Stephane Robidas several seasons ago , but also for the fact that he he very little real skill on the ice . He is , in my opinion , little more than a classless thug on skates . He consistently hits to injure players and then acts like he is the most innocent person on the planet .

Trashville Predators AND their fans
 When , they boo-ed Mike Modano for his record tying goal , it was a disservice to all of hockey . I can never forgive them for that . They also cheered when Stephane Robidas was injured and taken off the ice on a stretcher . As much as I loathe Jordin Tootoo , I still would not cheer that he was seriously injured . That is also classless . I truly hope that somebody with a brain takes the franchise away to Canada . Trashville is full of such undeserving fans . If you do not believe me ask the “faithful fans” who wanted buy the team to keep the Preds in Trashville but then told the team that they would not buy them because of the lack of ticket sales ! “Private investors and fans” of Trashville would not even save their own team . That is proof that they have truly worked hard to earn the ire of everyone who knows anything about hockey .

 Chris Pronger
Originally , I did not want to put him on this list just for the simple fact that he is a punk . He certainly has deserved the title , but I hate to resort to name-calling to get the point across . However , after he decided to attempt to STOMP through Ryan Kesler with his skate PURPOSEFULLY , I now have more reasons than just my simple thought of him being a punk for him to be added to this list . ANY player who purposefully attempts to injure another player on the ice has NO business playing the game . Oh , and to make matters worse , instead of being suspended for thirty games (which was the suspension handed out for the EXACT SAME ACTION committed by another player) Chris Pronger was only given a measly eight game suspension so that he could be back in the line up in time for the play-offs in the ’07 – ’08 season . And the NHL says they do not give “star” players preferential treatment . Chris Pronger is not a “star” player , he is just a punk .

 The Detroit Red Wings
 I hate them because of jealousy , plain and simple . I know it is bad to be jealous , but at least I can actually admit why I hate them . I am jealous of them because they have a very long history of great hockey . They have been a play-off team for years . They seem to rarely have injuries to any of their players . The Joe Louis Arena is almost always loud (except for when they are losing) . I am NOT jealous of their fans , though . They are some of the most arrogant people on either side of the American/Canadian border . I , personally , cannot wait until all of their good players (who already qualify for senior citizen discounts) retire because then , the Red Wings will TRULY be a horrible team for years . Maybe then their fans will shut up , but I doubt it . They will probably just talk about when their team was good and how it will go back to that again . I hate the Red wings , but nowhere near as badly as I hate Trashville and their fans .

 Daniel Carcillo
  He earned his way on here with his never-ending reserve of hate for anyone not wearing the same colour jersey as himself . He attacks players for little more than a look in his direction . I understand fighting to change the momentum of the game , but fighting just for the sake of fighting is stupid . That is Daniel Carcillo in a nutshell . Fight for fun . Maybe he needs to be traded to the Broad Street Bullies . He would fit in well there . Lots of thugs except , he actually has some talent when he is not in the box . It looks like Pat Verbeek may have new competition for his title of “The Little Ball Of Hate” .

Expect the list of villians to get longer as time goes on and I remember to hate the guys I currently have forgotten .


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