About Me

 My name is Adam . (Originally , I was named Tiki tiki tembo no sa rembo chari bari ruchi pip beri pembo but when I fell into the well and my poor brother Chang had to find a way to save me by saying my name like a million times , my parents changed my name .) I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex . I have a beautiful wife and two gorgeous daughters .

I love all things hockey , but mostly write about NHL hockey . My favorite team is The Dallas Stars , so do not be surprised if I am  more than a little biased towards them . I also like to talk about ex-Stars players .
 My favorite NHL players include everyone from Hogue to Ovechkin to Langenbrunner but my absolute favorite player ever is Jere Lehtinen .
 I have strong opinions and I DO NOT retract any of them . If you do not like it , tell me about what you disagree with . I enjoy a good discussion (or verbal fight if you want) .
 I am VERY , VERY superstitious when it comes to hockey . I have about a million superstitions that most consider crazy . Ask me about them and I will happily share them .


4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Langenbrunner was one of my favorites to watch as well. Morrow and the way he skates reminds me a lot of him. Lehtinen is one of my favorites too. Tough, defensive, but dangerous in scoring as well. I also like Zubov, and even Mo is back in the swing of things this year.

  2. Ok, I’m curious about the superstition thing cuz I am pretty superstitious myself. If I am wearing a certain tshirt when they win (esp post season) then I make to wear it for every game after until the streak is broken. I also cannot go see any post season games live cuz when I go in person, they lose. Dammit! It is true though.

  3. I will write another article about all the superstitions I have in my next entry . It has been a long time since I re-confirmed my insanity by explaining all of my hockey superstitions .
    Odd thing is that I was talking to someone about the countless superstitions just a day or so ago . Check the main part of the site again tommorrow afternoon .

  4. Hey, we all have our superstitions!

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