Changing Seasons

  Mike Modano retired . Brad Richards left for the Rangers . Marc Crawford is gone . Tom Hicks is almost gone . We acquired Adam Pardy , Jake Dowell , Radek Dvorak , Vernon Fiddler , Eric Nystrom , Michael Ryder and Sheldon Souray . We also promoted Glen Gulutzan from the Texas Stars to Our Dallas Stars .

  At first glance , all that change appears to be overwhelming . We lost a very good puck disributor . A few of our new players were labeled as “problems” by many fans almost immediately . We have a new coach and new system that our players will have to adjust to .  There have been many changes made and almost all of them have been for the better .

  How are all these changes positive you may ask ? Allow me to show you what I see .  

  Modano retired . I am glad he retired . Yeah , I said it . And I mean it .  For years , he has been skating in games with his stick off the ice . When a player is ready for the puck , his/her stick is on the ice , not hanging parallel to the ice in limp arms . I have not seen the Mike Modano of old consistently since the ’06-’07 season – if then . I miss that Mike Modano and would love to see him back  . (Please don’t send me “You hate Mike mail” because I don’t . I just don’t think he has done his best work in years – for the record , neither did the Wings . They benched/scratched him for many of the games he was available for .)

  Brad Richards left for the Rangers . While his play-making abilities will be missed , he cost us , what , $9 million a season ? With the money that he was being paid now freed up , we were able to acquire more help across the board .

 Marc Crawford is gone . While I liked the man , he could not motivate the team the way a coach needs to be able to . The prime example of this was when we lost the last game of last season . If we had won , we would have made the playoffs . Instead of being able to motivate our players , we had a very long summer .

 Tom Hicks is almost gone . This is self-explanatory on why it is a positive . Currently , Our Stars management has spent enough money so that we are now at the salary cap basement floor . Our new owner can only go up and so will our team .

  Acquiring Pardy , Dowell , Dvorak , Fiddler , Nystrom , Ryder and Souray added depth that we were severely lacking before . The defense has been shored up a little (although , I do not agree with Karlis Skrastins being released for more reasons than one). Our new forwards play the style of hockey that we play already , so it is not a surprise to any of them and seems to be a relatively easy transition for them so far .

 We promoted Glen Gulutzan from the Texas Stars to the NHL . He has done a very good job in Austin with whomever he had on the roster at any given time . Our Stars would call him up and tell him ,”Hey , we’re taking your best player ,” and he would still be able to win games . This skill would be exceptionally helpful if we encounter as many injuries as we suffered mid-season last year . He has brought a different style of play to Our Dallas Stars and it works . The players respect and like him and they are motivated by him . That is exactly what we need from a head coach . 

  I honestly believe we will have a great season . No , we are not the team that we once were , but sometimes change is good .


~ by Adam on October 17, 2011.

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