Loss To Tampa Then Pacified Panthers

 The loss to the Bolts was not that much of a shock , even almost expected . I am certain we could all see the defensive issues that we , as a team , were suffering from in the past few games . We all played fairly well , but we were run over by a faster team who checked far more often than we managed to check . We have already struggled from those issues in the past few games as well .

 There were times that it looked as though many of our players had lost confidence in themselves and their abilities . Our defense was not at the top of their game as a group . We definitely needed them to play much better than they did . This has been a running problem since last season . They have been doing decent , but we need better than decent . We need consistent .

 On a side note on this game , there were more than a few suspect calls made against Our Stars . It appeared that there was more than a few holding the stick calls that could have been made and I know (from the great camera shot) that Stamkos closed his hand on the puck . But , like I said , this loss was almost expected . 

MY STARS of the game :
 1. Kari Lehtonen – This game would have been a one-sided blow-out if not for this man .
 2. Toby Petersen – Giving us our first short-handed goal of the season and constant hard work got him here .
 3 . Stephane Robidas – The best of all of the defensemen on the ice . Others should follow his example every game . 

 On to the Panthers’ game .

 This was a fast paced game that looked deceptively like an excellent first two periods followed by a more difficult third period .

 This game was difficult to watch . We did play fairly well but the Panthers played the first two periods like they had not been on the ice in a week . In the third period though , they came out looking a little better but , all we did was dig our heels in and ride the lead .

 Razor said we needed “not an easy game but a less difficult game” . We needed to get our confidence back with a win like this over a team who is as light on talent as they are on fans . The problem with that is that they did not take it for what it should have been . A rout . Instead , what we got was a performance that reminded me of most of our games last season : play hard for a while and then give up . Here’s why ;

 In the first and second periods we did all of the following ; blocked shots from the point , made great timed plays , kept the Panthers out of our zone for any real attacks and even had many sustained lengthy attacks in their zone . In the third period , however , almost all of that stopped . Instead , we tried digging our heels in and playing “prevent defense” . 

 Do not misunderstand , I am very happy that we won but there are plenty of reasons to be sitting in the video room re-watching this game . I truly hope that we can solve these issues before we get much further into the season .

 MY STARS of the game ;
1. Kari Lehtionen – Wow , him being first star yet again (and not being surprised about it) sort of reminds me of when we had Marty …….
2. Jamie Benn – After having a few games off for a concussion and earning three points in your first game back is pretty impressive .
 3 . Tom Wandell – I am pleased to be able to put his name up here . He played very well . I especially liked his swoop around the goal no-look shot that snuck past everyone while their mouths hanging open .

 Honorable Mentions ;
 Adam Burish – for the fight and excellent play
 James Neal – excellent playing and the goal 
Steve Ott – excellent play (that and he threatened to hurt me if I did not mention how well he played)


~ by Adam on October 22, 2010.

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