Eeking Out Another Win

 We started this game by being run over by the Blues (do not forget that the (B) is silent) . As the game went on , we continued to be run over and mauled . The only parts of this game that we actually won were the shootout and the goalie battle .

 In the first period , we were scored on early . Twice . Not one of our line seemed to be able to get anything together . We were being beaten to loose pucks , losing puck battles , outnumbered everywhere on the ice and just playing poorly overall . It seemed we had all lost hope until Eriksson , Richards and Neal combined to score our first goal of the game . After that goal , we looked like an entirely different team for the remainder of the period – all two minutes of it . Before that goal , everybody but Lehtonen looked done .

 In the second period , the Blues were still running the show . It was almost a carbon copy of the first period save for the fact that Lehtonen was better (because he had to be) . Eriksson scored in this period with Neal and Richards’ help .

The third period was all Blues again . The few times that we did manage attacks , it was done by the same three listed above . Morrow , Ribeiro and Burish had one or two chances as well . Petersen was excellent on the multiple penalty kills .

 The overtime period was , seemingly , better hockey because of the open space . 
  Ty Conklin could  not manage to stop a single shot .  Richards , Eriksson and Ribeiro all beat him . Lehtonen stopped Oshie but Boyes scored . When Ribs scored off his shot , it did not matter if the last Blues player scored or not and we were declared the winners .

The negative parts of this game were that there were  too many of our players afraid of the hitting that the Blues were doing . Occasionally we hit back , but the Blues were so much faster that we almost did not have a chance to hit them . We let their players in deep in our zone time after time without making them earn it . They ran through our defense like we were not even there . They swarmed the puck and outnumbered us way too often – even in our own zone . 

 The positive side of this is that we won . Lehtonen kept us in the game even when we were being steamrolled . We also scored on every shot we took in the shootout .

 Overall , I am not pleased with the game but I am happy that we won the game . We can certainly do better than we did in the regular part of the game (and should have) but winning the skills contest because all of our shooters scored is an excellent thing .

 MY STARS of the game ;
 1. Kari Lehtonen : There can be no doubt about this . He hung them in long enough to steal a win from a team that played better overall .
 2. Brad Richards , Loui Eriksson and James Neal : Easily the best line on the ice . As long as they can keep themselves a healthy (+) instead of a nasty (-) this season we should do well . Richards is very aware of his +/- rating from last season on home and away games .
3. Mike Ribeiro and Brenden Morrow : These two were the only other guys who managed to get anything else going despite scoring no goals in regulation .

 Honourable Mentions also go to Adam Burish , Toby Petersen , Stephane Robidas and Steve Ott .

 In The (Penalty) Box :
 Ty Conklin and T.J.Oshie share this humiliation . Oshie for cutting Grossman’s face with his skate (even if it was a complete accident) and Conklin for making that larcenous save on Ribs when he would have had an open net .


~ by Adam on October 17, 2010.

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