Three In A Row !

 We all know that we won in New Jersey and then we won in New York against the Isles . I have to say that in both of these wins , I had some concerns . Winning in the shootout and in overtime are wins , but not by much . Honestly , I was concerned that we were barely winning games .

 That all changed when we beat Detroit on opening night .

 We may have been out-shot but walking away with a four to one victory is what mattered to me . We did a few things that I think need to be pointed out so you can really understand why I am less concerned than I was before this game .

 First and foremost , TEAM PLAY . Everybody worked as a team . This is a huge deal . It really looked like the guys have worked hard on this to read each other and make wise plays . When Lehtonen was in trouble , only once was he unable to keep the puck out of the net . The rest of the time somebody was there for support . 

 The second thing is determination . Granted , we were never behind in the game but we never gave up on the game when momentum seemed to slow up on us . There were many times last season (and the season before) when things looked bad and we just gave up and skated standing . Unfortunately , I think this may have a lot to do with the fact that there are fewer “older” players in our lineup (that and most everybody seems to be fighting for their jobs given that Brunnstrom cleared waivers today) .

 The third thing is Lehtonen has been very good . Much like a political race , some sing his praises and others do nothing but sling mud . It is still very early in the season , so honestly it is still too early to say “he’s the greatest” but he is on his way to doing very well . 

 The fourth point is that when the Wings surged , we still stood tall and frustrated them . They threw everything they had at us , but they still only managed one goal . That is very important .

 Lastly (for me) is that we have attacked our opponents confidently . We have not gone into their zone like lambs . We have gone in like lions , with a purpose and a plan .

 I am very pleased that we have won three games in a row . This is a feat that we have gone two consecutive seasons without achieving . I have much more hope for this season than I did before it started . I truly hope that we can continue teamwork at this level and continue to bring home wins .

 On a personal note , I want to thank Amy , Tara , Andy , Jay , Bunny and all the rest of the Stars Fanatics for making a great game even better . A Stars game without the Fanatics would not be anywhere near as fun even if Our Stars had won ten to nothing . Thank you Fanatics . Oh, and the Red Wings STILL suck !


~ by Adam on October 15, 2010.

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