Taking A Beating

Our Dallas Stars have had several consecutive bad seasons . And nobody I have talked to seems exceptionally positive about this season either . 

 Our team problems have been blamed on everybody from Modano to GM Joe . 

 The defense has been blamed for a lot , our offense has been blamed as well and our goaltending has been blamed for even more .  

 The fact is , that last season , we needed maybe two or three more pieces of the puzzle (confidence being one of them) to take our team back to the playoffs . This season , we have had more than a few players who ended up settling pay issues through arbitration . Not a good sign . (For those of you who do not know , arbitration is where the team representatives come in and say your play level is not worth the amount of pay you want , basically saying “you are not worth your money” – the team reps and the player’s agent – with the player present often – argue until an “impartial” judge forces a settlement) . If players do not like how they were looked upon during arbitration , how do you think they will perform ? How would you ?

 It seems to me that we will have many players being asked to do their best for people who have no faith in their skills and abilities .

 Is it any wonder that Modano left ? He would have most likely left even if Joe had been able to offer him a contract (don’t fool yourself , it was not Joe’s decision , it was Hicks pulling the purse strings too tight) . Modano even said that the past couple of years had been difficult .

 Sadly , I think Modano is simply the first of many skilled players to go to another team . I truly believe that Richards , Ribeiro and many others will move out of Dallas as soon as their contracts end and they can go to a team with a chance to win a Cup and actually get paid decently for their services . 

  If you totally disagree , well then , never mind . If this does make sense to you , keep reading .

 Mark Cuban should buy Our Dallas Stars .
 Yes , you read correctly . While he may know more about basketball , he is not afraid to bring in people he believes are experts to get the job done . If he bought Our Stars , he would be in sole ownership of the AAC (the Mavericks and Our Stars have joint ownership of the arena) . He would also be able to make all of the games for both teams be on his sports networks and pretty much “double dip” on  both teams . With Cuban in charge , I believe we would also be devoid of an exceptionally low amount of “spending money” to sign good players .

 So in reality ,  I say (again) that getting rid of Hicks would solve all Our Stars’ problems .

 I have taken a beating (not literally) for these views , but I still stand by them . Hicks MUST go .

P.S. : If they did not offer Modano a contract , you can pretty well bet Lehtinen will not be offered one either – just in case you forgot about him .


~ by Adam on August 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “Taking A Beating”

  1. I heard a story that the sale of the Stars is looking to be completed by the start of this season, and that the team only has until Sept 1 to file banckrupcy. There are two Canadians and one local guy (cant remember name but it wasnt Cuban) who were the three main people (but as we saw with Cuban and the Rangers, he can come in strong at the last second). I surley hope that the lenders dont try to mess up the sale of the Stars, as most dont think there will be the problems with the sale like there was with the Rangers.

  2. I would love for Our Stars to be sold to people who know what they are doing (as long as nobody takes them away from here and they open their purse strings) .
    Selling the team as soon as possible would be great , but I honestly doubt that it would have enough of an impact to save this season before it begins . We need too many better performing players than we currently have on the roster .

    P.S.: Bookmark this and quote it back to me if I end up being wrong . This is one thing I would LOVE to be wrong about .

  3. I think the Stars are at a really crucial point from a team and organization perspective. They have let talented players go for whatever reason or another, and more may be following them if the Stars can’t compete. When Richards was traded to the Stars, he said he wouldn’t even consider going to a team in the “building” phase and he just wanted to be somewhere that was ready to win. That’s just another reason on the long list of why I don’t like Richards, but I think this whole rebuilding thing could really affect the players who choose to stay and go when they get the chance.

    I think Joe takes way too much crap because he really hasn’t a chance to be in control of the team since he got the GM job. I may be slightly biased because I remember watching Joey play, seeing him win the Conn Smythe, seeing him cry in the Devils’ lockerroom because he couldn’t play in the Finals due to injury, etc. He is a great hockey, a great person, and I think he would do a great job as GM given the money and a little longer leash.

    As for the ownership, I don’t think Cuban is the right man to own the team. I really like the oilman from Calgary, Gallacher. He loves hockey, has experience owning and rebuilding a hockey team, and he knows what to do to get things done. The WHL team he owns is the same team Brenden played for in juniors. While Cuban would be a “convenient” owner, I don’t think he’d be the best choice.

    The bottom line is that it’s really hard to be a Stars fan now. I started watching the team in 1997, and this is really the first time the Stars have had major problems that don’t seem to be getting fixed. I hope that a new ownership will be in place before the first game, but I don’t know how much it matters since all of the quality players have already been signed by other teams. If we get a new owner for opening night, and he tells Joe to spend to the cap, who does he get?

    I’d love to take the gamble and pick up Souray if Edmonton still wants to get rid of him, but that’s only one player.


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