Coup de et at ?

 Marty Turco is now a Chicago Blackhawk and (if you believe the rumours – like I do) Mike Modano will be a Detroit Red Wing on August 5th . 
 Our Stars still have not replaced any high-salaried defensemen .

 To me , it seems Our Stars have a multitude of second and third line players and few first line players . 

 And , don’t even get me started on the goalie fiasco .

 If you have read anything about the sale of the Texas Rangers , (baseball is not really anything I’m interested in but since Hicks owns the team , it affects the Stars adversely) you know Hicks is dragging his feet and trying everything he can to complete the sale of the team (and squeezing every penny he thinks he can get from prospective buyers). That is not a good sign for Our Stars .

 It is claimed that we cannot bring in talent because of the salary cap . True – kind of . Hicks has imposed his own salary cap that will keep us from adding anyone who has the remotest chance of improving our team greatly . Therefore , no higher paid players who are actually worth their pay will be coming to us .  

 It is truly a crying shame that money-grubbing Hicks will not sell our team to someone who would do something to help our team instead of just sitting around and watching the team flounder for years .

 In case you missed the subtleties , yes , I am squarely placing blame for a miserable season that has yet to occur on Tom Hicks’s head . 

 I want to be a Stars fan and I will be no matter who owns the team , but Hicks makes it very hard to be while he still owns the team . His apparent lack of care for the team and their fans will certainly run off many would-be fans .

 If only we could start a revolution and overthrow Hicks’s evil reign we might have a decent season ……….


~ by Adam on August 3, 2010.

3 Responses to “Coup de et at ?”

  1. Yup, we have no top-of-the-line players that we can afford to pay. And its Hicks fault. Hell, Micheal Young, who still plays for the Rangers, is owed MILLIONS in back pay because Hicks (to put it in a form we can all understand) “wrote a bad check”
    You know, Mark Cuban spoke out not too long ago aboout the Stars and Hicks, and he said that he had thought about the possibility of buying the Stars, but that we would not have ANY dealings with Hicks because “It’s just too much of a mess and too much of a risk” and that is a direct quote from him that I heard played. Thats bad.

  2. I hope that Cuban’s involvement in the Rangers’ sale is just a token action , you know , just so the sale can be over and done with so it would hurry Hicks along to selling Our Stars to him . I don’t know if Cuban would be a good owner , but judging from his actions with the Mavericks , there is that strong possibility .
    Also , if Cuban bought the Stars , he would then own the AAC as well (Our Stars and the Mavs have split ownership) – just FYI .

  3. The fact that cuban would own the AAC would be a strong move for Cuban to buy the Stars. It wont happen, he does not want to deal with Hicks, but I think Cuban wold be a great owner of the team, as he has proven with the Mavs that he will try to do whatever it takes to create a contending team, all while being involved with the team. Cuban isnt a Jerry Jones, he still lets his coaches do their job. But Cuban stands up for his players in a matter that is unheard of. Thats what makes him stand out to me beyond any other trait that Cuban has. He will never let the media screw wtih his players.

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