Don’t Blame Joe

 First off I need to apologize for not blogging more , but I have had rotator cuff surgery and that set me back a bit . 

 Obviously , Our Dallas Stars have decided against offering a contract to Mike Modano . Many people out there are placing the blame for that squarely on Joe’s head . Hold on a minute ! Joe probably had little , if anything to do with it .

 Let’s look at the facts in the case ;

 Sergei Zubov left us and was not replaced by a ” high-end defenseman” AND Joe was not our GM .
 Mattias Norstrom left us and was not replaced by a ” high-end defenseman ” AND Joe was not our GM .
Darryl Sydor left us and was not replaced by a ” high-end defenseman ” AND Joe was not our GM .
Phillipe Boucher left us and was not replaced by a ” high-end defenseman ” AND Joe was not our GM .
 (Yes , some were traded for each other but they never were completely replaced when they left and we still have glaring holes in our defense .)
 See a pattern in that ?
 Coaches coach the players the GMs give them .
 GMs aquire players the owner (or owners) says the club can afford . 

 So , unless Joe managed the team through two co-GMs and an entirely different GM , the blame for Modano not being offered a contract needs to go to our bankrupt owner , Tom Hicks . Oh , I could fill up the internet with terrible things to say about the man , but most Texas Rangers fans have been doing that for years and nobody listened to them either (at least until shortly before Hicks decided to sell the Rangers – don’t forget about his former soccer team in the United Kingdom who hate him with a passion still even though he no longer has much , if anything , invested the club) .

 No , Stars fans , Joe Nieuwendyk is not , I repeat , not , our enemy . Our dead-broke , bankrupt , sorry @$$ owner Tom Hicks is the reason the Modano will be playing against us . Truly , it is a crying shame for the face of Our Dallas Stars to be playing against his own team , but again , the blame for that has already been squarely placed where it belongs . Hicks is the one who has been taking NHL “welfare” very quietly for at least two seasons now . 

 Our Dallas Stars built hockey in Texas and I hate to see Tom Hicks single-handedly set us back many years by forcing Modano to play elsewhere but he has done just that . You may disagree , but go up to the average person on the street and the only Dallas Stars’ player they know is Mike Modano . Now , the average person on the street who might have gone to a hockey game will not go because they do not know any of the players .  Thanks for slitting your own throat , Hicks . All of us fans owe you things we could never legally repay .

 I like Mike Modano but I was never his biggest fan (and never claimed to be) but seeing him go like this certainly feels like a kick in the family jewels .


~ by Adam on July 1, 2010.

One Response to “Don’t Blame Joe”

  1. Well put Adam.

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