Down And Out

 The game against the Chicago Chickenhawks reminded me of the rest of our season . Here is how ;

 In the game – Poor Matt Climie .  The Chickenhawks have out-shot all their opponents by large margins . He played as good as he could but he was still run over .  
 For the season – Soft goals , opponents left alone in front of our goaltender and break-aways plagued us all season , just like in this game . The soft goals can be stopped by goaltenders , but when they are hung out to dry by the rest of the team , they tend not to have the confidence to make even the simplest stops . They over-think . Unfortunately , these things happened to every goaltender that graced our locker room throughout the season , so it cannot be said that it was any one , specific goaltenders’ fault . 

 In the game – We had opportunities to score on the powerplay many times . Our short 5-on-3 powerplay went scoreless as well . We did manage to capitalize on one , but it was not enough – especially since we gave up more chances to score when the Chickenhawks were shorthanded .
 For the season – We certainly struggled with this . There were many times that we could not manage to score even with a two man advantage .  At times , we were at the bottom of the league , as far as the percentage goes .

 Penalty kill
 In the game – We did great sometimes . Others , not so much .
 For the season – Pretty much the same . Sometimes we were close to the top of the league in penalty killing , others we were far from it .

 Defensive game
 In the game – We made it look easy to defend at times . Other times we were out of position and completely forgot about players who ended up having fabulous chances on poor Climie all alone .
 For the season – Again , almost the exact same thing can be said .  The only difference is you would need to change the goaltender’s name .

 Offensive game
 In the game – During the second period , we looked very good and attacked the net with ease . In the rest of the game , we had chances , but often times the determination appeared to be absent .
 For the season – There were games in which we scored at will . Then , there were games we could not manage a single point . We lacked consistency .

 I think the biggest problem we have is inconsistency . Sometimes the majority of the team comes out to win but other times the majority of the team merely comes out to skate . Too many players have been skating standing up too often . That is not playing with determination . We have been pretty good at home , but on road games , we have been blanked at least twice .

 Matt Climie played pretty well and we did hear “save Climie” from Ralph often , but it did not stop my wife from asking , “Can we pull Climie now ?” I still think he did as well as he could …….. considering .

I also feel like I need to say that I do not think it was the best idea to sign Toby Petersen to a $1.55 million contract . I do think he was certainly one of the better players in this specific game (and often times the rest of the season) but to me , he is a fourth line player . Where is the cash going to come from to sign players that we need on the back-end ? Do we actually think we can pick up bargain basement deals on top the top players that we so desperately need ? Every team in the league is looking for the exact same thing . We simply will not get bargain basement deals . I guess all we can hope for is a massive infusion of talent from the Texas Stars next season .

 We need a new owner . Damn shame that Modano says the Hull-Modano-Gretzky thing was just a bad rumour . That might have been great for our team . Do not misunderstand , having a new owner will not fix all of our issues but it would certainly be a step in the right direction .

 On  positive note ;
 Marty Turco , Jere Lehtinen and Mike Modano are scheduled to be starters for the final home game of the season against the Ducks tomorrow . I truly hope we win even if it really does not “mean” anything as far as standings .


~ by Adam on April 7, 2010.

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