No April Fools At Stars’ Practice

 I finally made it out to a practice after trying to make it out there two other times . Of the other two times , one was cancelled and the other one the players were actually flying back into the state during the scheduled practice time . Sounds like somebody needs to pay more attention to the practice schedule on the team web site .

 I truly had a great time . I met five great hockey Stars fans that I really enjoyed . Three of them I hope to keep up an ongoing conversation with (for those of you who do not know , I do not use people’s names here unless I ask permission with the exception of people associated with Our Dallas Stars) . Great hockey is just not great hockey without great fans to meet . That is the one of the best parts of any Stars practice .

 Brenden Morrow showed up first to practice (and thoroughly upset other fans who showed up too late to get his autograph). I was surprised to see Matt Climie show up to practice second . I thought that he might be back with the Texas Stars , especially since they are doing so well . I asked somebody about him being there and they were (obviously) vague . Whether he came up for conditioning or he is going to play with the big boys , is a matter of conjecture .

 I did ask Ott if I could give him my hat since I was unable to attend the game . Not surprisingly , he said no thanks with a laugh . He did receive many thanks and congratulations for his great game play . I did forget to ask him about him not “riding his stick” after his hat trick . Razor did that after the game anyway . I think Ott said something to the effect of getting thirty fighting majors when we played the Sharks again .

 I also had Jere Lehtinen re-sign my Jere Lehtinen Team Finland jersey on the front (I decided it would look better to mount it front forward instead of back forward) . Now I can frame it and put it up on the wall with “Suomi” facing me . I giggled like a giddy school girl when he signed it . In case you did not know , he is , without a doubt , my all-time favorite player – and probably always will be .

 I am pleased to say that I handed out the letters to Mike Modano , Jere Lehtinen and Marty Turco that I had written to them in case they do not return next season . They are basically thank you letters and I encourage you to write one yourself to each of them . There is a way to send fan mail to Our Dallas Stars if you cannot make it to a practice . Email through the Stars’ web site and snail mail both work (snail mail address is on their website as well). I know it may sound a little “emo” but I have spent years watching these players and I will miss them . They are like family . I appreciate what they have contributed to the team in their time here and I felt I needed to let them know how I felt . Originally , I intended to post these three letters here in my blog when I gave them to the players , but upon further consideration , I have decided to post them here after the season ends . If you would like to read them sooner , contact me either on Facebook (Adam Rodgers) or email me at . As long as I do not receive a million requests for them (which I seriously doubt) AND you agree NOT to reprint OR repost them , I will send the letters you request . Be sure to specify which one (or ones) you would like to read .

 If you have not been out to a practice , go . There are not many left this season and it may be your last chance to meet Modano , Lehtinen and Marty . Oh , and get there early (practice was scheduled to start today at 11:00am – Cap’n Morrow showed up at about 8:45am) .


~ by Adam on April 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “No April Fools At Stars’ Practice”

  1. Hey, Adam, would we send snail mail to the regular 2601 Avenue of the Stars address or would another one work better?


    • The Avenue of the Stars address is correct . Address the letter like this

      Player’s Name , in care of
      The Dallas Stars Hockey Club
      2601 Avenue of the Stars
      Frisco Texas (zip code)

      Make sure you make it express mail or priority mail . The very last day the players will be in the locker room is Monday the 12th .

  2. Thanks!

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