Shutout ?

 Really ? What happened ? Did we not just beat the San Jose Guppies by a score of eight to two ? Did we change rosters between then and now ?

 We started the first period of this game fairly well . The Sharks suffered from an immense amount of turnovers . They were very sloppy with the puck and could not manage to make passes longer than five feet . We managed to get a lot of pressure in their zone because of their failures . We had our forecheck going full swing in the first period – and I do not think I have seen that for some time .

 The second period , well , let us just say things fell off a bit . The third was even less spectacular . The Sharks seemed to get better and clean up their play . We did not seem to be able to defend as well as we did in the first – oh wait – the defending then was only done by Marty .

  That last statement must mean that we did not defend very well . Again . While I will not say we played horrible defense , I will say that we are still forgetting to cover opponents’ players far too often . It may have only been two or three times that we failed to pick up a player , but it was still two or three times too many . 

 I have heard a few comments about how Turco “lost this game for us” . No . Not true . Does anybody remember how great Smitty was when he was here ? He was fabulous UNTIL we shipped him off to Tampa Bay (where they employed swiss cheese for defensemen) , then his save percentage went straight down the toilet . He could not even manage to obtain the starting position until his second season . No , this loss was not all Marty’s fault . One goal was a deflection by his own defenseman , another was due to defensive failure but the third goal was a team failure . Nobody helped fast enough and Marty certainly had a chance to reel in the puck in that scramble .

Our special teams play was stunningly absent . It seems that we have forgotten how to score on the powerplay and we have forgotten how to kill penalties as well . The Sharks were given the opportunity to change the game with all of the powerplay time they were given (although I thought some of the Sharks players embellished the crimes) . Our low ranked penalty killing did not do us any favors .  One of the Sharks’ powerplays lasted only nine seconds . We are just not filling the lanes completely .

  Razor said as soon as the game had ended that we are not going to make the playoffs . I knew it has been a long shot even since we returned from the Olympic break . It may still be a long shot or even impossible , but like I said before , why can’t we ruin everybody else’s season or at least ruin their day ?

My STARS of the game ;
 1. Marty Turco – I think I have already covered the reason he should be here .
 2. Jere Lehtinen – He was all over the ice and all over the puck . He seemed to be our most determined player on the ice .
 3. Kris Barch – While he was taken out of the game in the second from a dirty hit that the refs missed , I loved the fight he had with Staubitz . Barch was hit three times , but Barch needed only one hit on Staubitz’s glass jaw to drop him like a rock .
 (I could have put Brad Richards in for the #3 STAR but he almost has his own home here already.)

In The (Penalty) Box ;
 Patrick Marleau . This guy tripped Ott , hit him with his stick (in his back like a slash – near the head) and then managed to saddle Ott with sixteen penalty minutes while he only sat for two minutes for roughing . That is absolute garbage . I hope somebody takes a yellow marker to his face and makes him a ‘real life’ smiley face . Of course whomever does it would have to fix his eyebrows .


~ by Adam on March 26, 2010.

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