Starting A Road Trip Right

 We started this road trip right with a win in Trashville last night . I hate to lose to them any time . Trashville has remained one of my most hated teams and probably will do so for many years to come (for an explanation please see my “Heroes And Villains” page) .

 I know we have a difficult hill to climb to make it into the playoffs but this was definitely a step in the right direction . Trashville has been a hot team recently and we smothered their flame with this win .

 We did not start this game very well but we did get better as the game progressed . The first period was little more than a long string of continues “vacuous” plays . Turn-overs , sloppy plays and the passing on of problems in our own zone plagued us . The second period showed that we had started to make wiser decisions than we were in the previous period . The third period showed that we had suddenly remembered how to score and to defend a little better .

 Trevor Daley’s goal in the second period may have been answered two minutes later by Shea Weber’s own goal , but it did not deter Kari Lehtonen or the rest of our team . When Loui Eriksson and Niskanen scored in the third period , thirty seconds apart , Trashville seemed to lose a little bit of their drive .

 The second and third periods were both good periods of hockey . We played the way we are supposed to play on the road (well , minus the turn-overs). I could tell that both Ralph and ‘Razor’ were bored with the first period . I do not care if it is exciting hockey as long as we win .

 We do have some issues that must be addressed from this game , but I will always take the win , no matter how ugly any part of the game may have been . We need to get our fore-check going better and we need to be able to exit our own zone far better than we did in the first two periods of this game . But , again , we will take the win .

 The stars of the game elected by the Trashville media were ;
1. Loui Eriksson
2. Jere Lehtinen
3. Brad Richards
 My only issue with this is that Kari Lehtonen did not make it here . So……..

 MY STARS of the game ;
 1. Kari Lehtonen – Who are we kidding ? He kept us in this game when our defense seemed like they were playing mental Sudoku .
 2. Brad Richards – As an obvious regular to “MY STARS of the game” , he really does not need an explanation -especially if you watched the game .
 3. Loui Eriksson and Jere Lehtinen – They both played excellent with and without the puck despite the fact that only Eriksson scored out of the two of them . 

 In The (Penalty) Box ;
 Mike Ribeiro almost had this dishonor from the sheer amount of give-aways and poor plays he made in the first period , but he made up for it in the second and third periods with his fabulous individual play . Instead of Ribs , this dishonor goes to Jordin Tootoo . This guy easily won his spot here because of his attempt to hit Brad Richards in the head along the boards . The uber-annoying whistles that Trashville hands out for their “fans” to blow when he is on the ice just solidifies his permanent seat in the box . I hope he grows boils on his feet the size of baking potatoes .

 And on a side note – My wife saw Barry Trotz (apparently for the first time) and almost immediately commented (and I quote) ,”He looks like a bald troll !” I can kind of see the resemblance to those seventies – early eighties trolls (you know those with the hair that stuck up in your choice of violent colors , pink , blue , etc. etc…). I did have to point out that he is still a good coach even if he does resemble a troll .


~ by Adam on March 24, 2010.

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