The End Of An Era ?

 The end of our regular season is nearly upon us . Knowing that , it makes me very sad . Make no mistake , I am not sad because of the end of the season is here (well kind of) , but because of the termination of many contracts of some of our long-time Dallas Stars players .

 Ordinarily , this would not concern me but it does this season because I truly think that there will be little to no effort to re-sign either Jere Lehtinen or Mike Modano . If either one of them is not re-signed , it will be the end of an era for Our Dallas Stars .

 I think that they may not be re-signed because of the team’s ownership (I honestly believe that the NHL has been running the program under the table since last season). I am sure that management would love to have them both back but I just do not see them re-signing Lehtinen or Modano instead of younger stars like Neal or others .

 In light of this fact , I have felt it necessary to write thank you notes to the both of them . I plan to deliver their respective notes to them at the next practice I manage to attend .

 I will post the both of them here when I have them written .  You should thank them both as well .

P.S.: It may be wise to include a note to Marty Turco but I just don’t know what next season will bring . He may be back . I think I will include one to him anyway .


~ by Adam on March 22, 2010.

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