Another Shootout Loss

 It was the weekend , so we had to play the Phoenix Coyotes . Shamefully , we lost in the shootout (again) .

 The reasons we failed to pull two points out of this are relatively easy to spot .

 1) Poor defensive coverage . We tend to stand to defend more than move our feet (or sticks) in our own zone . Why that is , is a mystery to me . Nobody seems to want to move the opposing teams’ players out from in front of Lehtonen or Marty .
 2) Failure to clear our defensive zone . We have struggled with this for most of the season . Our defensemen come under a little pressure and we cannot seem to handle it even when a forward comes back to help out . We have to handle other team’s forecheck better than we do .
 3) Penalty kill . Our penalty killing has been horrible in the last few weeks . It has been so bad in fact , that we are ranked among the league’s worst penalty killing teams .
 4) Powerplay scoring . We did not have a ton of powerplay time , but we must capitalize when we have the advantage . Unfortunately , we didn’t .
 5) The Coyotes took dives really well . As you can see , this is not the main reason that we lost , but their acting ability sure did not help our cause . Only three of the six penalties called against us were acurate . Half of the calls made against us were dives . It was a shame that they have been taught to act so well . I am just sad that the refs missed the tripping and crosschecking that we were forced to endure . 

 The Coyotes looked like they really did not want to win this game . There was a pass made to Wolski when he ended up in the attacking zone all alone with Marty but he just stood there looking unsure what to do with the puck . Once when they were on the powerplay , they effectively killed their own powerplay by not even attempting to get the puck deep enough for a line change . I don’t understand . Did they just not want to win but did anyway ? We needed the points far worse than they did . 

 This was a very frustrating loss for me . I would like to beat Tippett’s new team at least once .

 MY STARS of the game ;
 1. Marty Turco – Despite being “the guy who let three through” , he played very well . Two of the three goals against us were due to defensive breakdowns immediately in front of him . There would not have been a third goal in the shootout if we had done our defensive jobs . He made huge stops throughout the game and gave us a chance to win . He deserves this award .
 2. Brad Richards – One might think that he is the only player on our team with as much as he has earned this award recently.
 3. Jamie Benn – Wow ! Has he been good . We should never ever more him back to the wing again (but we still need to coach him a little more on the dot).

 In The (Penalty) Box ;
 The entire Phoenix Coyotes team . This should not come as a surprise to anybody for the way that they took dives to get penalties . I know they dove for only three but it was still three too many .


~ by Adam on March 22, 2010.

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