We Should NOT Have Lost

 Besides the obvious fact that we desperately needed to win this game , we should NOT have lost .

 The game’s winning goal was scored off of a play enabled by a Flyers player illegally taking Loui Eriksson out of the play . That went uncalled and the Flyers were able to get their players down the ice to set up and bang the puck around long enough to score their third goal .

 Yes , I AM pitching a fit . It is not right . I hate that we lost due to somebody else’s failures .

 The Flyers played “neighborhood defense” for most of the game . They turned over the puck as often as people on floats in  a Mardi Gras parade toss out beads .

 We only made two mistakes . They both ended up in the back of Our net . We EARNED Our goals . The Flyers , not so much .

 We should not have lost . We played a good physical game and deserved to win .

 We played a great game . The only lapses in judgement we had was Ribeiro’s turnover that resulted in a goal and we had guys standing , unaware of the scrum in front of Lehtonen right off of a faceoff . The refs’ lapses in judgement did not cost us when a Flyers’ player tackled Lehtonen but it did when Eriksson was erased from the play illegally .

 The Flyers were NOT the better team , they were just lucky . This loss leaves a bad taste in my mouth . I hate it when we lose because somebody else was wrong .

 My STARS of the game ;
 1. Steve Ott – His physical play and two goals made him the first star of the game , hands down .
 2. Brandon Segal – He played his game and did so very well .
 3. Jamie Benn and James Neal – They both caused the Flyers lots of problems .

 Honorable mentions ;
 Mike Ribeiro and Brenden Morrow both did their best despite not putting up goals of their own .

 In The (Penalty) Box ;
 The refereeing crew – This should not come as a surprise . They essentially lost this game for us by not doing their jobs . Their failure caused us to lose . I know I sound whiny but , since it is the truth , why hide it . 

 Stupid refs .


~ by Adam on March 19, 2010.

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