Seafood Anyone ?

 There was certainly enough burnt Shark last night to make Shark “Today’s Blue Plate Special” on the menu . 

 I thought before the game that if we were going to have any chance at winning this game , we had to get our forecheck going , everybody had to play at one-hundred percent and our newby Kari Lehtonen had to be great between the pipes (I may have even made that exact comment to my wife – I cannot remember this morning for certain – I have a headache from the victory celebration) .

  In the same conversation , before the game , my wife also said that Steve Ott is only cute after he causes on-ice trouble and then displays his boyish grin like has done nothing wrong .  Sports Illustrated named him one of the NHL’s two dirtiest players last month – just in case you did not know . I am still glad he is on Our team even if he is classified as a “dirty player” , which means , of course , I cannot understand why he is called a dirty player . I love the “agi-tainment” Ott provides in Our games .

 On to the game :

 The game’s first few shifts did not look so good for us because of all the early time spent in Our defensive zone . That changed almost half-way through the first when Richards was fed by Ott and Daley to get the first goal of the game . Richards scoring , combined with huge saves from Lehtonen , ensured that we ended this period with the game’s only goal .

 The second period started with momentum on Our side . Benn and Eriksson had an “almost” that was followed up by what would have been an icing that Petersen beat everybody else to and tipped it up above Nabokov to make the score two to nothing . It was a great individual effort by Petersen and poor choices by Nabokov and his defensemen that allowed for this goal . Barch and Leach had a great fight in which Leach decided to attempt to disrobe Barch by tearing his jersey in half right between the numbers . After a mere two minutes Brandon Segal tipped Grossman’s shot from the point past Nabokov . Three minutes later , Ribeiro and Segal assisted on Cap’n Morrow’s sixteenth goal of the season . With momentum clearly on Our side , the Sharks’ coaching staff finally had enough of Nabokov and sent in Olympian , Thomas Greiss to mop things up . The Cap’n tested him immediately . Then the scary part of the game happened (at least it was scary while it was on) . Robidas put a hit on Ryan Clowe who went face first into the glass . Robi was escorted off the ice for a five minute major for boarding and an additional ten minutes for a game misconduct . The saddest part of that was that Clowe was still vainly posturing and cussing at any Stars’ player as he was being escorted (bleeding) off the ice by the officials . Blake ended up helping Our cause when he took a holding call and took away two minute of the five minute major to Robi . Thanks Blake . The check is in the mail . Dan Boyle managed to get a late period tally hoping to take away some of Our Stars’ momentum . Despite that late period goal and rolling only five defensemen for almost half of the period , we still won this frame rather handily .

 The third period started with the Sharks looking like they had been severely tongue-lashed between periods . Setoguchi scored in the first minute to make the score four to two . Much later in the period Fistric went to the box for a tripping call , but we did not care . Daley passed the puck up to Eriksson who managed to make a great play to Ribs who also made a fabulous play to beat Greiss (and the defenseman who was riding on his back) and score the game’s first short-handed marker . No sooner than that “powerplay” for the Sharks ended , Barch took a rare hooking from his fumbling of the puck right in front of Lehtonen . Again , we did not seem to care when Ribs hit the Cap’n and he buried it past poor Greiss for the game’s second short-handed goal . Again , two minutes later (now I sound like a broken record with this “two minute” stuff – but I do not mind) Ott , Richards and Eriksson had an absolutely insane attack that gave Eriksson two “almost goals” – one of which I thought went in – but ended up with Steve Ott scoring his thirteenth goal of the season . With about five minute left in the game , the Sharks took a “too many men” frustration call and Ribeiro , again scored with help from Richards and Morrow . With the icing put on the cake that late in the game , we ended up ragging out the last minute . 

 We won this game on so many levels . We win when we play OUR physical game and we lose when we don’t . We played a very abrasive game (as if Barch’s two fights were not enough to prove that – the team’s twenty-nine hits did) . Everybody gave one-hundred percent . We hounded the puck the whole game . We did not give up at any point in time .

 We rolled only five defensemen and we were missing Mike Modano due to an appendectomy thus proving that we can win against the best in the league – missing key players or not . We MUST remember that for the remainder of Our regular season .

 An eight to two rout of the division leaders conferance leaders , was an emphatic way to get Marc Crawford’s 500th career win . 

 This whole game could have been summed up in two simple words ; “Won Right” . It was a TEAM win and not just a bunch of different individuals playing hard . Everybody did their own respective jobs and they did them very well from the net on out . Team play and cooperation won this game . We really needed a win like this to shore up Our confidence .

 MY STARS of the game ; 
 I am going to do this one differently this time because of all of Our players did so well . How about multiple choice ?

1. A) Kari Lehtonen – His ENORMOUS saves  bolstered Our boys’ confidence so that they could concentrate on offense .
     B) Brenden Morrow – Two goals and two assists and net drive and punishment in front of the net certainly earns him a STAR of the game .
     C) Mike Ribeiro – Two goals and two assists combined with his great vision on the ice makes him a shoe-in for this as well . Not to mention his short-handed goal .

2. A) Brad Richards – A goal , two assists and his team leading twenty-two minutes of ice time and his sixty percent win percentage in the faceoff dot makes him a definite canidate for this .
      B) Toby Petersen – His goal really bolstered Our confidence . It helped us realize that the hockey gods were smiling on us . 
      C) Brandon Segal – WOW ! Since coming to Dallas , he has done his job and kept it simple . Crashing the net and being hard on the puck is what he has been rewarded for in every game he has played in so far .

3. A) Kris Barch – He may not have scored , but he has become a team leader by standing up for his teammates and certainly is not afraid to do so . 
      B) Our defensive game – Despite rolling only five defensemen for half of the game , they still mopped up any problems that Lehtonen was not able to cover .
      C) Our offensive game – Scoring eight goals is no mean feat for a team who has struggled to put up even one on road games .

 In The (Penalty) Box ;
 All of the Sharks go here for their team total of a fabulous plus/minus rating of -25 . Not that I am upset by this in the least , but they still get to go here .

 I know this one win does not solve all of our problems , but it should certainly give Our team some much needed confidence and it made all of us fans feel very good .


~ by Adam on March 17, 2010.

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