Bad News Not New

 You know , I would have blogged about the last three games but it is hard to rehash “we lost” three different times for the same reasons . The only real differences in the games was how well or poorly our goaltender (or goaltenders) played .

 Marty played well in at least two of those games , but unfortunately (to use Brad Richards’ terms) they played “goalie” not “hockey” in two of those games . Marty is being hung out to dry but when he receives support , he drops the ball on his end . Inconsistency seems to be our team mantra and nto just our goalies’ .

 It kills me to see Our Stars struggle like they are . I know that they can do better . The biggest problem is that they just do not seem to have the drive and the want to win . It is almost like they already gave up . I know things look bad ,  but why give up without a fight ? Fight !

 The Olympic break could not have come at a worse time . Skrastins certainly came back from the Olympics like a defeated man . He is usually solid , but since the Olympics , he seems to have made nothing but errors . Skrastins is not the only player who has not done so well , he is just the easiest to understand why he may feel defeated . NHL hockey is different from the Olympics . We need to get busy winning and forget about the past . 

 Making it into the playoffs is going to be a very tough thing for us now . According to an unnamed columnist for the Dallas Morning News , we need twenty-three of a possible of twenty-eight points to secure a spot in the playoffs. I am not sure about his math (he always seems kinda’ funny to me- you know , wanting no-touch icing and not allowing the penalty-killing team to ice the puck-that’s funny), but being seven points back and not being able to win a single game -much less string together even as few as two for most of the season- prettty much puts us out of playoff contention . I hate to say it , but we just cannot shore up all of our difficulties and issues fast enough , well enough , to get the wins that we absolutely must have to make it into the playoffs . We will probably not make it in , but I still stand behind MY team , no matter what . We may not make it in , but why can’t we try anyway ?

 Our worst problems are taking place off the ice . Our owner does not or will not bring in or allow others to bring in the needed talent to help our struggling team . He is bankrupt and taking Our Stars franchise down with him . Failure to spend money to get higher quality players is the best way to keep a team mediocre , alienate fans , coaches and club management . We need a new owner . BAD !  AND NOT ONE OF BETTMAN’S CRONIES !!! (for reference on this subject , please see last owner of Nashville Predators approved by Bettman)

 On different note , my family and I all went out to watch Our Stars practice in Frisco today .  It was wonderful to see my two daughters enjoy hockey as much as I do . They ran (and jumped) around crazy and had a blast .

My youngest had her PINK jersey signed by almost everyone who came out to practice (we missed two or three guys and Daley and Modano did not show up) . My oldest had a few pucks signed , but still seemed more interested in reading the seventh Harry Potter book than anything else . But , not me . I had my usual fabulous time . I had all four Olympians sign some very hard to find official Olympic hockey pucks . Then to cap the whole experience off , I had Jere Lehtinen sign “my” (or should I say “my copy” of his) Team Finland jersey . My wife did have a decent time as well , but I feel sorry for her . She was doing her best to get pictures of everybody with everybody else . Three kids and one mother . She was totally out numbered . I would say I feel bad for her except she enjoyed it just as much as we did …………… I think .


~ by Adam on March 15, 2010.

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