Stars Break Caps Home Win Streak

 Can you believe it ? Most people could not – even on the day it happened . Our Dallas Stars broke the Capitals unbeaten streak  at their home arena in an excellent game . 

 I am very proud of Our Dallas Stars (despite the fact that it took me an extra day to blog about it) for winning this game . This win meant an awful lot . Not only was it an important win for the points but it was also important on how we won .

 First ; Marty came up huge – no wait – “ginormous” would be a more appropriate word . He only allowed three goals on a total of fifty-two shots – and that does not even cover the saves he made in the shootout . That was a new personal record for him . If we still have any doubters of Marty’s abilities out there , you obviously missed this game .  Marty is still a world-class goaltender and he proved it . To further credit Marty , Brad Richards was quoted on as saying ,”We don’t have the talent to match up with them , line-for-line , and player-for-player . Some nights , it should be called ‘goalie’ not ‘hockey’ . ”

 Second ; While our defense did have issues , it was nowhere near the amount of issues that we suffered from in recent past games . We are still improving . Have faith , I do .

 Third ; Our powerplay discovered that they can score again . We have suffered severe issues with scoring on the powerplay , but not in this game . This is a very important part of our game . We must always take advantage of any opportunities that we have .

 Fourth ; A road win (we have had so few this season) – and not just any road win . It was a win on the road against the top seated Eastern Conference team , who also happened to have an unbeaten streak at their own barn of thirteen games in a row . Not to mention that Alexander Ovechkin still earned a “star of the game” award , and we still won .

Fifth (and most importantly) ; We never gave up . In too many games recently , we looked like we simply gave up and quit playing . This game , we never did . Giving up seemed to be a theme since we came back from the Olympic break . I am very glad that that trend is finally over . 

 We , as a team , did what we all , individually , do best . What I mean by that is , that no player had such little confidence in each other that they tried to do somebody else’s job . When we do try to do other people’s jobs , that is when we have problems (honestly though , I would like to see Marty shoot more) .

 I have heard (from the tone and sometimes exact words from interviews) that the players are frustrated that nothing was done on trade deadline day to get them help . I have also heard that they do not think that they are a Stanley Cup contender . I have those frustrations myself , but I cannot even imagine what it is like to suffer those thoughts first hand . I do think we can be a better team than we have been , but being a Stanley Cup contender is probably beyond our reach with our current personelle . I do think we need more scoring punch and a booming shot from the point (which we are also lacking) . I do have faith in Our Stars to do great things . Maybe we are not a Cup contender , but why not see how many teams we can knock off in “upset” games ? We are a great team when we play as a team and this game proved it . If we can take out the Caps , why can’t we take anybody out ?

 MY STARS of the game ;
 1. Marty Turco – This is so painfully self explanatory that I should not even bother to say anything besides his name – but I will still go on . We could have easily lost by the eight goal deficit that one of my friends had predicted if it had not been for Marty being at the absolute top of his game . Kudos , Marty !
 2. Our powerplay – Without them scoring , we would have most certainly lost for lack of scoring .
 3. Anybody else that played for Our Stars – This was a lesson in trust more than anything else . Everybody did their own jobs . That is huge – no wait , I still like “ginormous” .

 In The (Penalty) Box ;
 I give this “honour” to the entire Capitals team for being a much faster team and for making Marty face so many shots at him .


~ by Adam on March 10, 2010.

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