Disappointed Again

 I never expect my team to lose , but it seems like Our Dallas Stars always lose to the Penguins .

 When we went up three to one , I was excited thinking that we had a realistic chance to win this game . Then the wheels fell off .
 Our defensive coverage was not fabulous when we were up by two , but once Kunitz scored to make the score three to two , the momentum shifted to the Pens and the defensive coverage’s holes became even more apparent . The Pens went on to score five more unanswered goals and win the game by a score of six to three . 

 Some fans will say that we were only winning when Crosby was not getting much ice time in the first and the first half of the second period . That is true . When he started getting more ice time , we did not do so well . Apparently , the Pens’ coach was trying to “save” Crosby a little because their team played the night before . That tells me that their coach never took Our Stars as a threat to win . That is insulting . What hurts even more is the fact that I do not believe that many teams take Our Dallas Stars as a threat to win .

 We did play relatively well in the first half and for part of the second , but we could not keep our defense up for the entire game .

 Our forecheck was working well in the same time period but , it failed about the same time as our defensive coverage began to go the way of the dinosaurs .

 One of the biggest problems that we suffered from (besides the defensive break downs) was our continued inability to score on the powerplay . We had a full minute of five on three at the beginning of the third period (to say nothing of the other powerplay opportunities) and we ended up giving up a goal as soon as it went to five on four instead of putting up a point for us . We even had a powerplay in which one of their players lost a stick and it was essentially a five on three that we still could not score on .

This loss frustrates me more than it probably should . We are a good team , but all of our players have to remember that we can be a great team if we all play as a team . Sometimes I feel like a broken record .

 Since I cannot seem to collect my thoughts due to frustrations , I will move on ……..

 MY STARS of the game ;
 1. Brenden Morrow – He is finally beginning to drop anchor in front of the net again . Despite not scoring in this game , he looked more like the Brenden Morrow that we all know and love to watch play .
  2. James Neal – He may not have scored either but , he did his best and looked good on the line with Lehtinen and Benn .
 3. Kris Barch – He gets this award not so much for his game play , but for what he apparently said in the locker room to his teammates . He apparently chastised his teammates for not doing their respective jobs and telling them they could do better . Kudos Barch . Too bad you could not talk the rest of the team into a win .

 In The (Penalty) Box ;
 This was easy . Sidney Crosby goes here simply for being on my television screen . I cannot stand that he is always talked about no matter how much better his teammates are playing at the time than he is . Then , if you add in the fact that he has all the awards that he has (and the game winning goals that he has scored) , he just makes me madder . Get off of my television screen . I don’t want to see you again .


~ by Adam on March 7, 2010.

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