Who Is This Team Pretending To Be Our Dallas Stars ?

Our Dallas Stars played well against the St. Louis Blues – at least for the first nine minutes . After Loui Eriksson scored in the first , nothing else good happened for Our team . We all did play hard but we did not play smart .

 It was actually a game until the Blues scored two goals in a mere fifteen seconds near the end of the first period . After that , it was really unimportant that the Blues scored an additional four unanswered goals .  

 Again , Our defense was non-existent . None of our players seemed to move fast enough to get things done . There were very few players who were hard enough on the puck . We never paid enough attention defensively – especially to the late man on the weak side . Seeing “Keystone Cops” in living colour on ice was also a theme for our team .  If we had given up any more odd man rushes against both of our poor goalies , even I could have made it back there alone – and I cannot skate worth anything .

 Now that we have covered all the symptoms , let’s talk about the REAL problem . Trust . Trust in each other to do their respective jobs is not there . That is the real problem . I will give an example for each .

 1. “Non-existant defense .” The defense has been burned through numerous times because they have chosen to cover different players than they are supposed to . Last night , there were a few times when a defenseman did not pick anybody up and that resulted in goals . Bottom line , they do not seem to trust their defensive partners .

 2. “None of our players moved fast enough to get things done .” After making passes to your teammate and two different times you did so he immediately turned the puck over to the other team , then , when that teammate is open , you second guess your decision to pass him the puck . That takes crucial seconds that slows you down . You are not trusting your linemate .

3. “We never paid enough attention defensively – especially to the late man on the weak side .” We all rush back to help out defensively and we may even beat our opponents back to our net but when we get there we seem to only want to cover the man with the puck . Then we give what Razor calls “token pressure” . We all want to cover the guy with the puck and help “our struggling defense” so we all cover the same guy and our goalie looks like garbage when our opponents get the tap in from the late guy who was not covered . Our forwards are not trusting our defensemen .

4. “Seeing “Keystone Cops” in living colour on ice was also a theme for us .” That basically boils down to thinking that our fellow players do not have the ability to cover their respective man so we get out of our respective positions and end up crossing patterns with the player who was supposed to be there . To me , there is no bigger sign of lack of trust than this one thing .

5. “If we had given up any more odd man rushes against our goalies ………” Again , out of position and doing others jobs for them .

 Helping teammates out when they are struggling is one thing . Trying to do their job for them is entirely different . That is the problem that we are suffering from .

 The solution , allow people to do their respective jobs and jump over only to HELP and not do their job for them . If a forward is struggling to get the puck off the boards and he is near a defenseman , help him win the puck only so long as you know you have support behind you . If you do not have support behind you , then you are doing their job and neglecting your own job . If a defenseman is struggling behind your net and you are a forward help him out if there are two players from the other team back there . Do not leave the guy you are supposed to cover wide open . Trust you teammate and do your job and allow you fellow players to do theirs .

 If we really want to make it to the playoffs , we have to play as a team (I cannot emphasize enough how we need to play as a team) and not as individuals .

MY STARS of the game ; 

 I felt like nobody earned the title of “Star Of the Game” , so all I will award are Honourable Mentions . Those go to ; Toby Petersen , Jere Lehtinen , Mike Ribeiro , James Neal , Brenden Morrow , Mike Modano , Brad Richards , Loui Eriksson , and Stephan Robidas .

 In The (Penalty) Box ;
 For the first time ever I will give this award to a non-living thing . The “action camera” goes here for making my wife and I nauseous every time it was the camera broadcasting the picture . Besides , we are now zero for two with that thing “floating” above the ice . I don’t like it and I truly hope they take it out , however unlikely that is .


~ by Adam on March 5, 2010.

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