Trade Day Flop

I expected something out of the trade deadline yesterday . Instead , all I was , was disappointed . 

 Some fans have been screaming we need better defensemen . Odd we have one too many and still nobody seems satisfied with their gameplay despite Stephan Robidas and Karlis Skrastins being two of the best players on the ice for us in many games .
 Some fans have been screaming we need to take Marty to the curb in a metal can . Odd that those same fans sing his praises when he earns us a shutout .
 Some fans have been screaming we need more offensive punch . Odd that we score like seven goals every game but – give me a second to count and double-check that number (*scratches head and counts to one very slowly on his fingers*) . No , no ! We do need that . More offensive punch would definitely be better .  

 I know we did not have mountains of room in the cap despite total salaries not adding up to $35 million . Our cap limit is roughly $50 million . We have players to pay off , and that takes money . Or would you rather Avery be back here ?

 Despite the fact that I believe that we had roughly three million left under tha cap , Nieuwendyk made no deals . He has been quoted in at least four different articles saying that he already made the deals he wanted to by acquiring Kari Lehtonen , releasing Alex Auld , and resigning Steve Ott . I believe (correct me if I am wrong Mr. Nieuwendyk) that he wanted to make more deals , but could not get the deal (or deals) he wanted .

 Leht’s look at what he was working with ;

  Our offense has consisted (for the most part) of Loui Eriksson , James Neal , Brad Richards and a little bit of Stephan Robidas peppered in . Other teams wanted to better themselves AND with almost all of the playoff races being so tight , nobody wanted to have a “fire sale” and give up their chance . To acquire another good offensive player , we would have been required to lose one of our best players in the deal . You know other teams do not think much of Our club because of our issues with scoring already . Losing Eriksson , Robi , Neal or Richards would have caused severe damage to our already struggling club , so those were not options for Neiuwy . 

 “Well Neiuwy could have traded a defenseman for a forward . We have extras .” – Right , and who do you think we could have gotten for Woywitka that would have added enough offensive punch ? The team is not going to trade Fistric or Grossman because they are young and improving . Nor would we get a good enough player for any of our other defensemen besides Robidas or maybe Skrastins . 

 “We could have traded draft picks for players .” – Do we really have have any of those left ? 

 “We should have kept Auld and Lehtonen and traded Turco .” – Despite what everyone out there seems to think , Marty is NOT a bad goaltender , nor is he done with his career . A goalie is only as good as the rest of the team playing in front of him . Yes , he has allowed far too many “soft” goals in the past but that is really a microcosm of the confidence issues in the locker room suffered by our entire team and not just him . No , Marty should stay and thankfully , the management agreed with me .

 “We could have traded Mike Ribeiro for someone who fits into our “new” system better .” – Like they really would do that . While Ribs likes to slow things down (and that is the opposite of the “new” system) , he would not be traded simply for that . He still has lots of ability and besides , we could not have acquired the player we wanted and known for a fact that the “new guy” would fit in this system either .

 I think the biggest reason that we acquired no new players is the fact that our illustrious owner , Tom Hicks , is bankrupt (if not officially , then he is close enough to count as such) . I do not believe that he allowed any trades . He has said that he would spend money only if he felt it was in line with revenues or some such nonsense . I do not believe him . His revenues were great for the Texas Rangers , but he never decided to spend money on that team anywhere near the way that the New York Bankees have done to get talent . To think that Hicks would for us , is really utter nonsense .

 Next season will be different , though . Unfortunately (or for some fans , fortunately) Jere Lehtinen will probably not be returning . That will free up at least $1 million . It has been rumoured that Mike Modano will not be returning either and if he does he will end up taking a further pay cut in order to help the team manage funds . There are also a few other things that will come into play but the bottom line is that we need a new owner that is willing to keep Our Stars here AND spend money on the team to acquire new “top line” players .

 All in all , I was not surprised that nothing was done to help Our team . I am disappointed though .

 One last note ; 
  Former Dallas Star Jeff Halpern will no longer wear the “A” for the Tampa Bay Lightning . He was traded to our division rival Kings . Just what they needed . A solid face-off guy and a grinder . As if we did not struggle with the Kings before .


~ by Adam on March 4, 2010.

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