I Hate Losses In Front Of My Children

 I had tickets to last night’s game , thanks to my wife signing my children up for the Dallas Stars’ Kid’s Club . My wife , my two children and I were all excited to be able to go to this game as we have not been able to attend many games this season . It was obviously Kid’s Club night (despite it being a Tuesday night) when over half of the arena was filled with children . I did not mind going with my kids in the middle of the week . I get to keep them home today with me because we did not arrive home from the AAC until about 11:30 pm . . I imagine that despite the fact that a large portion of children and parents left after the second period , many other children are staying home playing hookey (not hockey) today . My wife , however , was not as pleased that all the games we could have chosen from for the Kid’s Club were during the week . That also explains why there were mostly fathers and their children instead of mothers . I bet they had reservations about middle of the school week games as well . Fathers don’t care . Hockey is hockey no matter when they get to go to a game for most men (myself included). That is what we should teach our children . My daughters had a blast .

The game itself (despite my children’s enjoyment of it) was n0t so great . Our Stars ended up losing five to one .

 Maybe I was expecting too much because of all the Olympic hockey I was able to watch . When Our Stars started playing , I was less than pleased . They missed a lot of defensive coverage . Too many times they did not have their respective men tied up . Often times we had double coverage when it was uncalled for and other times we just had teammates crashing into each other (instead of the net) because of misunderstanding their respective jobs . The Kings were able to get too many chances on Marty . On five too many shots , Marty was beaten . BUT – it was not all Marty’s fault . Which leads me into ………

 As soon as the game was officially over (not after the second when the Kings already had four goals and it was really over then anyway) , I immediately received a text saying , ” I guess Turco is nice and comfy in his job now without Auld there , huh ?”  . I was instantly offended and replied something that was probably too harsh . I am sure he did not mean to offend , but it was offensive to me . Marty did let past five goals , but two , (maybe three) were not his fault at all . The team that played in front of him , hung him out to dry . It was a sad thing to see on Marty’s 500th game in the league . At least his family was there to support him with a banner that read ,” Happy 500th . We love you daddy !”

Our Stars playing poorly was not the only reason we lost , though . The officiating was exceptionally poor . I would go into a lot of detail but it would only waste my time and yours . I honestly feel that there should have been about five more penalties called against the Kings . Even if we had received ten more minutes of powerplay time , I cannot honestly say that we would have won . On the few powerplays that we did have , they were relatively harmless . We did have a few good looks , but looks and chances do not go on the scoreboard for anything that counts .

 Most of Our chances were kept to the outside and the one goal that we did manage to score was due to net drive from Ribeiro . Net drive was something that we allowed but did not have often enough . Far too often our players looked to be confused on their proper positions and who they were supposed to be covering .

 Despite the disappointment of losing the game and moving even further from the playoffs , I had a great time at the AAC . Last night , my wife decided to purchase a signed Brett Hull (#16) jersey . Both of my children received a Stars’ duffel bag that they both asked to use as their backpack at school as soon as they go back to school . Today , I will receive my Jere Lehtinen Team Finland jersey and tomorrow I receive my four Olympic hockey pucks . I know the last two things do not relate to that specific game , but I am still excited because of them and was at the game last night . You should have seen all of the Team Canada jerseys last night . You would have been proud .

 MY STARS of the game ; 

 1. Jere Lehtinen – He ran the ice when he was out there . The only problem he had was his often changed linemates . Near the end of the game Crawford finally put him on lines that could help him instead of throwing the puck away like his previous linemates had done . He earned this award .
 2. Brenden Morrow – Despite his lack of scoring this game , he had a lot of fire in his play . He drove the net when he could and had more than the odd chance . AND as far as people who say that he has been “sandbagging” on us after seeing him play in the Olympics , take a look at his linemates in the Olympics and then close your mouths .  All of his linemates in the Olympics played to the way he does instead of like they were all on different teams (like we oddly enough , saw in this game) .
 3. Mike Ribeiro – He obviously scored Our Stars’ only goal . He did well even if he frustrates me when he slows the gameplay down . We seem to have more chances on the rush than when we just settle everything down . Getting comfortable in their zone means they have time to get set .

 In The (Penalty) Box ;

 The refereeing crew get sent here for this game . Again , I could go on and on about their failures , but it would not change the out come of the game . It is just a crying shame that a Kings’ player can put his stick in the skates of one of Our Stars players and our player ends up on his head with both feet above the top of the net and it go uncalled , but , whatever . They really earned a game misconduct in my eyes and not just a two minute minor but , again , whatever .


~ by Adam on March 3, 2010.

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