The 2010 Olympics – One Last Time

 First off , I want to say that my heart goes out to the family and the countrymen of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili . No matter what the official investigation says , that fact remains that the world lost a great person . His family and countrymen all have my deepest condolences .

  Despite the tragic loss , the rest of the Vancouver games went relatively well . The only real complaints about the games were the ones made about the weather – and no country can control their weather – yet .

 There have been people saying that the US men’s hockey team were bitter at their medal ceremony . I did read several quotes from various places that some of the players said that it sucked to be that close to winning the gold and losing in overtime . Maybe bitter is not the word . Bitter disappointment may define their feelings more accurately . In team sports where the two best teams play each other , the winner will win the gold and the loser wins the silver , how can one team be overjoyed to lose ? I understand that it means they are the second best team on the planet but nobody wants to lose . If all the medals went to teams that won their last game then there would be all kinds of issues that would make things very difficult for everyone involved . The tournament would last a lot longer , the players would be exhausted , and many other unforseen problems would surface .

  If the United States’ men’s hockey team looked bitter or acted like it , why should anybody be surprised ? They lost the gold . Oh , they will eventually be happy to have won the silver medal but not yet . I do not blame them . It is very much like being the losing team in game seven of the Stanley Cup championship . Nobody wants to be the second place team even if you get a medal for it .

 No matter who won the US/Canada men’s hockey game , once the game made it to overtime , they only won by the skin of their teeth . I would have said that even if the US would have won . If the game had been a blowout , it would have meant there was an overpowering winner . As the final score reflects , neither team dominated the other . BOTH teams played excellent , Team Canada just did better than Team USA . In the end , the hockey gods smiled on Canada just a little more than they did on the US team .

 Congratulations Team Canada and more importantly , congratulations Brenden Morrow !


~ by Adam on March 1, 2010.

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