Canadian Men Beat US Men In Overtime Hockey

 These Olympics have been fabulous . The hockey has been even better .

When the United States vs. Canada game started out , it had to be the most hyped hockey game in a very long time . It certainly lived up to expectations . By all accounts , it was probably one of the best games in a long , long time .
 A game that dramaticly went into overtime , it certainly was a very high intensity game . I was very happy that it did go into overtime . You know it really annoyed the executives at NBC by lasting longer than they had wanted and expected it to . The late period goal by Team USA was perfect to make the game even more exciting . This game was really a credit to ALL North American hockey . 

  Team USA and Team Canada both were fabulous . They played great throughout the tournament . Even though I am from The United States , I have to say that despite Team Canada beating my national team , I am very glad they won . It means that Brenden Morrow , captain of Our Dallas Stars , brings home a gold medal to place on the mantle of his new home here in Dallas .

*Side note*
* I have already heard a few nay-sayers telling me that Canada should not have won the gold medal because Team USA still had more points in the tournament than Team Canada . People , Team Canada won . Either be happy with it or be angry , but do not say that they should not have the gold medal . Winning is winning and that is all there is to it . Besides , a silver medal is nothing to mad about winning .  *

 I know I will probably be very unpoplular for this , but I sure wish ANYBODY (and I mean ANYBODY ) else had scored the game winning goal . I know Crosby is a great player , but come on . Now we will never , ever hear the end of how great he is . Pronger could have scored the goal and that would have been better than Crosby scoring it – and I loathe Pronger .

 Overall , I am very glad Team Canada won (go ahead and call me un-American , I am fine with that) . I wonder if the Canadian men will have a few Molson Canadians and smoke cigars on the ice after the celebration for the fans is over . I would . Either way , Don Cherry will still have people comb the planet searching for a magic lamp for him to rub so he can have a son who is a Stanley Cup winner and a gold medal winner .


~ by Adam on March 1, 2010.

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