I have been out for quite a while . I injured my rotator cuff and did not have full range of motion for a long time . My doctor forbid me to do many things and for a while , one of them was having my arms/hands in the position that I type on the keyboard in . I am relatively better , but I still have not been released to return to work . Maybe next week . Anyway –

 The real reason I decided to blog today despite the fact that there is no Stars hockey is for the Olympics . I do not know about you , but I have missed very few Olympic hockey games .

 The women played hockey very well . I watched the gold medal game last night and , I have to admit , I was a little disappointed that the American women were shutout . The loss (or the winning of the silver medal depending on how positive or negative you look at it ) was not a bad one and we have nothing to be upset about . They were not blown out like they blew out so many teams on their way to that game . I am very proud of our Lady American hockey team . The most classy thing I can ever remember seeing , was during the medal ceremony when the mostly Canadian audience chanted “USA , USA” after they received their medals . Yes , Americans and Canadians have a bitter rivalry , but it is not so bitter that we actually hate each other . It is merely “frienemys” . I feel an explanation is in order .

 The US / Canada rivalry feeds both players and fans . Unfortunately , some fans take this rivalry too far . The fans in Canada last night embraced the reason why we are rivals . We are rivals because we want to better than the other . That in itself means that we recognize that the US or Canada are our equals or our betters – and nobody wants to admit that some one else is better , thus the rivalry . I choose to believe that we are equals who often have to share the title of “The Best On The Planet” .

 The men’s Olympic hockey has been fabulous as well . I was disappointed (but not surprised) that Latvia was eliminated so quickly . I may get nasty emails for this , but I have been only cheering for teams with Stars players on them . Latvia , Canada , Sweden and Finland are the teams I cheer for (in case you were living in a hole and did not know Karlis Skrastins played for Latvia , Jere Lehtinen for Finland , Loui Eriksson for Sweden and Brenden Morrow for Canada). I may be called un-American because I am not cheering for the US team , but I care more for my team’s players – besides I am still a little disappointed that the US team did not choose Mike Modano . When Finland played Sweden , I was forced to cheer for Jere Lehtinen . Honestly , this is probably Lehtinen’s last season and Loui Eriksson has many more seasons to come . Now , on the topic of Canadian men’s team , this is how I look at it ; I would love to see Cap’n Morrow bring home a medal BUT it would ruin everything for me because the too highly praised and already canonized Sidney Crosby would have the same medal as Cap’n Morrow . If anyone can figure out how The Cap’n can get a medal while Crosby does not , please , let me know (as long as it does not involve an international crime) .

 One final note on the women’s hockey before I forget :
  There have been pictures of a few of the gold medal winning Team Canada ladies still in full uniform drinking Molson Canadian (that is an excellent brand of beer for those of you who do not know) and smoking cigars on the ice after the medal ceremony and subsequent celebration . Some people have been saying that they should be punished . While I do not think that it was an excellent decision on their part , but the only thing that I think should have any repercussions was one of the players was under the legal Canadian drinking age . That will probably be punished , but I will be very upset if they girls are punished any more harshly than any other Canadian citizen . The girls SHOULD NOT be punished by the International Olympic Committee , but they should probably get a slap on the wrist and tell them not to do it again . In all honesty , I probably would have done what they did myself – minus the cigar . The only reason that I think they should have any reprimands against them is because they were seen by the media . They should have waited to do that AFTER the media had all left the building . If they had not been caught , I would be fine with them not being punished at all , in fact if they are not punished I cannot say I would have a problem with it . I just cannot say that it sets a very good example for young hockey players (the drinking under age part) .

 I look forward to seeing the men’s medal games . May Finland and Canada tie for the gold .


~ by Adam on February 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sorry”

  1. I am glad you are back

  2. Thank you . It’s good to be back blogging .

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