Cute , Bettman , Real Cute

Gary Bettman , our illustrious hockey dictator commissioner , said during the second intermission of the USA vs. Finland game he did not know if NHL players would be playing in the next winter Olympics . Why , you ask ? Because in his own words , he did not know if it would be “profitable” enough . Cute . Now we all know that he is only worried about money and not the sport itself . 

 He even went on to say that it is not his decision to make whether NHL players would play in the next Olympics , it was the collective decision of the NHL clubs . Now he thinks we do not know that he is the guy in charge that makes all the poor decisions for all of the NHL .

 What about what the players want ? What if the NHL says nobody can go to the Olympics and the players who want to go do go anyway ? Will Bettman suspend them ? Will he ban them from returning to the NHL ? The best question of all is ; why in the hell do we still have Bettman still crippling our sport ?

 Oh yeah , and to add insult to injury , NBC still is not sure they want to carry the next winter Olympics . They must not think that hockey is good enough for their precious ratings .

 Too bad nobody in charge loves hockey . I sure do wish there were people who wanted to grow our sport that are in positions to do so .


~ by Adam on February 26, 2010.

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