Finally A Win At Home


 I was beginning to wonder who was supposed to play better in Our arena , us or our opponents . We have not done well very often in our own home .

 I am very happy about beating the Canucks . It is not that they are the greatest team out there , but it is important to win at home . We have not been doing that much . My theory on that is that I do not think we make it as hard to play in the AAC as we should . I do not mean just the players , either . We , as fans , need to cheer for Our team when we go out to the games . I am sure that the players do not like to play in an arena full of people who think they are watching golf . We , fans , need to do our part .

 The game showed that we really wanted to score . Everybody shot the puck at the net . We had a multitude of chances to score . Schnieder(their back-up goalie to their back-up goalie) played like a possessed man . Every one of our players had shots on goal . Without James Neal playing due to a groin injury , somebody had to pick up the slack .

 We played well despite the final score being only two to one . There were times that we positively owned the game and then there were times that all we seemed to do was chase . Even when we were chasing we did not do so foolishly . We all played smart . Only once did we allow the Canucks too much time and space and that was the time that they scored on us . 

 MY STARS of the game ;
 1. Marty Turco – He allowed only one goal and helped the rest of the team to beat the fore-check often . That is an enormous help since we have been struggling to exit our zone a little too often this season . 
 2. Brad Richards – He has been , by far , our best player in so many games this far in the season . He looks like he finally feels at home here in Dallas .
 3. Karlis Skrastins – He has done nothing but good things this season and is our only defenseman who has not taken a penalty this season . He plays smartly and out works most all of his opponents .

 Oh, and before I forget , the league admitted that the call in the game against the Flames that resulted in the game winning goal for the Flames was a bad call . I know it is cold comfort to know that even the league thinks that the game should not have been won like that but for them to admit that it was wrong is at least a step in the right direction . We just all have to hope that the league will do better with their officiating crews in the future .


~ by Adam on November 8, 2009.

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