One Of The Worst Ways To Lose A Game

 Ralph Strangis said it best when he said , ” Horrendous way to lose the game ” . I have to totally agree . In case you missed the game live or on a broadcast , the game went into overtime and the Flames (remember that the “F” is silent) scored as soon as they had a powerplay . The powerplay was brought on from a call of delay of game . Grossman tried to clear the puck with his skates on the blueline (the puck never crossed into Our zone) and he shot the puck and it appeared to have gone off a Flames player and into the stands . The refs called that delay of game . I still cannot figure out how . The puck was never even in Our zone and it went off of Our opponents’ stick . Oh well . No use in complaining about bad calls . They tend to stand .

 We would have won if we had capitalized on any of Our powerplays . Unfortunately , we did not get any goals – not even from the lengthy five on three powerplay that we were awarded . We must score on the powerplay . If we had scored on any of the many that we had , there would never have been that last second game tying goal to send it to overtime .

 All of Our players played well from the beginning to the end , we simply did not score enough . We were good with the puck and we were good without the puck .

Usually , I award MY STARS of the game but this time I will simply mention all the players who played outstanding . Skrastins , Neal , Eriksson , Richards , Wandell , Morrow , Lehtinen and Benn all stood out of the rest of the group . 

 In this game , we had minimal problems exiting Our own zone due to the fact that Our forwards would come back to help (well , that and Marty is always a great help in killing off Our opponent’s forecheck) .

 We did not have much problem throwing the puck at the net but retrieving rebounds was an issue for most of the game . ” One and done ” does not usually mean a win at the end of the night .

 Our only real problem was putting the puck into the net . Our players did get frustrated because they wanted to score more , but that allowed too many odd-man rushes against us . Thankfully , Marty answered almost all shots with a definitive “no” .

 I must apologize for my lack of blogging for the last few games . I injured my shoulder recently and with the painkillers they gave me , all I could really do was drool on the keyboard . Nobody likes a soggy keyboard – especially not my wife .

 On another note , I did manage to go out to watch Our Stars practice in Frisco today . I always enjoy going out to practices . I love meeting new people with “hockey sense” . I was very pleased to meet a nice lady (remember I do not use people’s names in my blogs unless I ask permission) today out there as well as Brent Severyn . He is a very cordial individual . I enjoyed his relaxed attitude and how he did not mind talking to just ordinary fans .

 While I was out at the practice , I had Richards , Marty , Modano and Ott sign a jersey for an “out of town” friend . He should be happy . He now has the whole team’s signature on the sweater .

  It is just a shame that Crawford has not met the lady I met today . She knows how to fix the powerplay issues that we seem to be suffering from .


~ by Adam on November 5, 2009.

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