Ott Suspended Again But We Still Win….Barely

 As you know , Steve Ott was again suspended for a hit . The hit he was suspended for was just a normal hip check . Unfortunately , Artyukin just decided to jump when he saw Ott coming in on him . That was what really made him land on his neck and made it look like Ott tried to kill him . The reality of it was that Ott tried to make a hip check and instead of Artyukin taking the hip check and just crashing into Steve Ott , Artyukin decided to get cute and try to jump over him . Why ? It does not matter . The fact remains that Steve Ott has been suspended before so from now on , he will be treated like a criminal . It is truly shameful but unfortunately there is nothing that the average hockey fan like you or I can do about it .

 On to the game against the Leafs ;

 This game was best summed up by Razor when he said , “If this game was being played in the backyard , I would close the curtains .” I do not think I could have said it better myself  . This was an ugly game .

 We did not seem like we wanted to play when the puck first dropped . The Leafs were running us over . Many of our players decided that skating standing up was the way they wanted to “play” . If you skate while you are standing , your stick does not touch the ice .

 I am still upset at the lack of effort put forth by most of our players . All to often , Marty was left to his own devices . He is a great goalie , but nobody can make every single save when your defensemen are just standing around in front of you . They make better doors than windows .

 We may have won this game but I am obviously less than pleased about how we won . We played a team with the worst record in the entire NHL and we still had to go to an overtime period to win the game . That is despicable . We are better than that . We need to play like we are better than that because we are . 

 MY STARS of the game ;

 1. Brad Richards – He was one of the few players who showed up to play from the start of the game and it showed on the scoreboard .
 2. James Neal – He always shows up to play . I love how he always wants to shoot . Oddly , I think that getting pucks on net is what Crawford has been preaching since he arrived here in Dallas .
 3. Marty Turco – While he was not spectacular and he may have allowed a few too many goals , he did well when he was hung out to dry . He made some tremendous saves when he was playing when few other players seemed to want to play . He kept us in the game when the rest of the team did not seem interested in being in the game at all .

 There were a couple of other players like Robidas and Morrow who played the entire game but not many . Ribeiro may have earned the first star at the AAC but I do not feel like he played the entire game . 

 Everybody needs to play from the first drop of the puck and not play catch up for an entire game . If you recall , we tried to play catch up in the standings last season and we all remember how that went .


~ by Adam on October 29, 2009.

One Response to “Ott Suspended Again But We Still Win….Barely”

  1. I’m really angry that Ott got the raw end of the deal with the suspension. As you said, there nothing we fans can do about it, but we’ll support him more than ever!

    Yesterdays game was… Blah. I was also dissapointed in how they played.

    The great news though… Neal and Richards are tearing it up out there!!!

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