A Shutout ? At Home ?

 We started the game missing Lehtinen , Ott and Modano . Not exactly what I would call encouraging .

 The first period started with Bergeron being called for a highstick on The Cap’n . The following powerplay looked decent but we could not score . Ribeiro took a highsticking call and our miserable penalty killing percentage picked right back up when a pass deflected off Robidas and Marty and into the net .

 The second period started with Our Stars showing some life , but it faded quickly . Nick Grossman took a shot right in the face . The poor guy was pouring blood even before he made it to the bench . After he left the ice the Bruins , again , scored . This time it was right off another lost faceoff in our zone . A little later , The Cap’n and Ribs had a long shift in their own zone and Savard scored . Neal , Richards , Daley and Eriksson had our first extended stay in the Bruins’ zone with some excellent shots on goal . With a minute left in the second , the Bruins were called for tripping . On that half of the so called powerplay , we gave up three shots in tight on Marty .

 The third period started out with a minute left on the powerplay that was badly botched up at the end of the second . The Bruins easily killed the remaining minute . Much later , the Bruins were called for holding . On the resulting powerplay , we had our second sustained attack of the entire game on the Bruins . With Toby Petersen on the point , Neal , Richards , Niskanen and Eriksson had some fabulous chances but Thomas kept them out . Aaron Gagnon had a great chance to score in the final seconds but just could not pull it off .

 This was a very frustrating game to watch . I hate to watch Our Stars lose but this was just like being tortured . 
 At first I thought we were off to a slow start but , as the game progressed , I realized we were not going to start playing any time during this game . Most of our players were skating standing up when they were skating – and then a lot of that time they did not sem to want to get the puck or even get near it . Standing around seemed to be the theme for the game for us . It was almost like we were playing a road game and checking out all the other things to do in town instead of playing hockey . 

 We displayed a complete lack of interest in the puck . There was no puck pursuit . Lazy passes and turnovers plagued us . When there were loose pucks , for whatever reason , we were not the first ones to the puck even when we should have been . Very few players on our team seemed to want to touch the puck .

 We lost in the faceoff circle (the final statistics ended up with us being fourty-two percent) far too often . I do not know how we managed to get the percentage up to fourty-two because it sure seemed like we lost three out of every four .

 We were way out hit . The final statistics said hits were thirty-seven to thirty-one , but it sure did seem like we were being plowed far more often . At the end of the first we were being out hit twenty to nine . The hitting means that we never had our forecheck going or our backchecking rolling either . 

 Offensive pressure . We had only two one minute episodes of this in the entire sixty minute game . If we had an offensive opportunity , we were one shot and out . If the Bruins had an opportunity , its was one , two , three and maybe a few more then , much later we might be able to clear the puck . The Bruins were afforded plenty of time in our zone while often times we could not even get out to our own blueline . We only really tested Tim Thomas twice . It was no wonder we did not score against him .

 We had trouble performing even the simplest exits from our own zone . One Bruins’ player was enough to cause all kinds of problems for our defensemen trying to make it to center ice . Often a forward had to come back to help beat out one single opposing player when we had three players attempting to exit the zone . Their forecheck killed us , but , that goes right back to the hitting .

 We lost this game because there were very few Stars players interested in actually playing . We simply did not play all the way through the line up . We were steamrolled . I would not be so upset about this loss had it appeared that we actually wanted to play . It looked like most all of our players decided that it was going to be a hard game to play so they gave up .

 MY STAR of the game ;
 1. James Neal – He was playing in the first period when nobody else seemed interested in even getting started . He kept playing hard all the way through the game . 
 The other players only showed occasional sparks of life . Richards , Sutherby , Petersen , Barch , Robidas , Eriksson and The Cap’n were the few players who showed some life , but not all the time .
 Marty did alright , but it was clear that he was not seeing the ice anywhere near the way he did against the Preds .

 Mike Ribeiro on the other hand, he gets a red dot for his lack of performance and skating standing up the entire game (if you have children you will understand the red dot) .

 Let us all hope that we do a whole lot better tonight against the Chicago Chickenhawks . I just hope that we at least come to play .


~ by Adam on October 17, 2009.

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