What a great gift !

 In case you did not know (if you did not , you were one of the few on the planet) Razor Reaugh guaranteed a win against the Predators on opening night . That did not quite work out . I had tickets (thanks to my sister and her husband – I do not use names on my blog) to opening night , but then , thanks to Razor , I exchanged them for tickets for the second home game of the season against the Preds .

 So I showed up with my sister to the second game , and we roamed around the AAC because it was her first time there and her first hockey game EVER . We happened to be walking past one of The Stars’ tables that they set up on the concourse when a man came up to my sister and I and asked if we wanted to play musical chairs during the first intermission . I was excited and my poor sister was scared to do it . I convinced her to play . We went up to our seats and had a great time watching Our Stars rack up three goals before we had to head down to get ready to play the game . We were taken underneath the stands and past a very nice V.I.P. room and into an equipment room where  we put on very well used hockey pads and helmets . After we were dressed in well used hand me down hockey gear (that was way too small for a man who is six foot two) , we were escorted over to the Zamboni door where we arrived just in time to see the fourth goal of the period being scored (It was awesome to be on the same level as the players during the game). We went out to play musical chairs and my sister and I were the first to be put out of the game . It was really no big deal since all we were playing for was an EA NHL 2009-10 for the Wii – and I do not have a Wii – and don’t want one (ask why some other time). It was just great to be able to go where we did – especially since we were on the ice at the same time as Our Dallas Stars ! WOOT !!

 The game itself was fantastic . Four goals in the first period , one goal in both of the second and third periods and no goals for Trashville . The Cap’n scored twice (and almost a third time) and Loui Eriksson scored twice as well . Jamie Benn and Mike Ribeiro had two assists each while James Neal had three assists . Brad Richards had a goal and two assists . Toby Petersen got a goal and Jere Lehtinen and Karlis Skrastins both had one assist each . Stephane Robidas ended the game at a +8 and Nick Grossman is leading the league with a +10 . Of course Marty Turco stopped twenty-nine of twenty-nine shots and posted his thirty-seventh career shutout . I never lost faith in him . I did say he was getting older for a hockey player , but the shutout proves that he still does have plenty of gas left in the tank .

 Most importantly , we got the full two points and we killed off all four powerplays that the Preds had . Our penalty killing was getting pretty bad . I am very pleased that we repaired the problem . We really did a good job keeping the Preds out of our end whether it was on their powerplay or not . This is how we should play every night .

 I normally pick MY STARS of the game but , this time , everybody played so well as a team that singling out the forwards , defensemen or Marty just would not be fair . 
1. I award this to the entire team for playing like a team and for everybody doing their job correctly . This was truly a team win . I am very proud of Our Dallas Stars . 
 2. The second star , I give to the fans who chanted “Marty , Marty” when he made great saves and when the game was ending . 
3. I give this award to my wife for staying home with my daughters and letting my sister and I go out to watch the game .

 The following morning after the game , I woke up , got my daughters ready for school , sent them on their way and then went out to watch Our Stars practice (this time in Farmer’s Branch-which is not my favorite facility). I had a great time . I met a couple of lovely ladies who were big Stars fans , one lady was from Canada and the other lady lives close by me . I also met a fellow who showed me his driver’s license to prove that his name included Brenden Morrow in it (his first name was different). He was not young enough to be named for The Cap’n , it was just a pretty cool coincidence . He said that he also wore number 45 when he was playing hockey and when The Cap’n first came to Dallas . Obviously , The Cap’n is his favorite player . 

 Players who did not show up to the practice were ; Jere Lehtinen , Brad Richards , Mike Modano and Steve Ott . Ott and Modano are still injured but no explanation was given why Richards and Lehtinen did not practice .

 Before the practice started , I thanked every player for the excellent game the night before . I thanked Marty for his incredible play and I thanked Coach Crawford as well . Mr. Crawford was actually pretty funny . He said ,” Don’t thank me , I didn’t score any goals or block any shots .”  We (the fans all around clamouring for autographs) still thanked him and told him we were happy he was here .

 I know that this blog is not my normal “all about the game blog” but sometimes , I get so caught up in what has happened to me during a game and I get so much more excited when we blow out our opponents that my ADD and ADHD tendencies rise to the surface . Thank you for bearing with me .

 Oh yeah , and if you have The Dish Network , switch . They have decided not to carry over twenty of Our Stars games that they have access to . Direct TV will be carrying those game . If you switch , you will miss the six games on the Versus channel , but if you do not , you miss over twenty from the jerks at Dish network who flat out lied to me saying that other providers would also be blacked out . That is NOT true . Our Stars website has all of the games listed that Dish – AND ONLY DISH – has decided not to carry . Most other providers are going to carry all of the FSN games . Good luck with your provider .


~ by Adam on October 16, 2009.

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