Our First Win Of The Season !

 Before the game started , we discovered that Mike Modano would not be back for probably any of the rest of the games in Canada due to a stray (or not so stray) stick in the ribs . We also found out that Jere Lehtinen would still not be playing due to his nagging injury . Then we discovered that Alex Auld would be the starting goaltender for the evening . Cool . I have been interested in seeing how he would do for us . I have noticed (and if you view my comments from the last blog) that people have been saying unpleasant things about Marty Turco . I feel no such doubts about him and will not say negative things about him . Last season he was simply overworked . He may be close to being old for a hockey player but he still has gas in the tank . 

  Game summary ;

 The first period started out with a bang when Mike Ribeiro scored his first goal of the season with a rebound goal a mere sixty-seven seconds in . When the Flames (please remember that the “F” is silent) finally got a decent attack together , Alex Auld came up with big saves . Unfortunately , Niskanen took a holding the stick penalty in an attempt to help Auld . The Flames powerplay was not terribly dangerous but Auld answered when he was needed . With less than eight minutes remaining in the period , Our Stars finally started hitting with feeling . Bowmeester took a penalty late in the period . Our Stars had great chances on the resulting powerplay but McElhinney made some huge saves . Our Stars took command of play and kept the pressure on for the remainder of the period . This period was fantastic . Everybody came to play right out of the gate . That is what we always need to do . Playing hard from the start is very important . Our Stars looked like the team that was 4-0-0 when the Flames looked like the 0-0-2 team . We may have gotten scrambling a few times but , we pretty well owned this period .

 The second period looked scary when the Flames came out hard but , Our Stars took over fairly quickly . Once Our Stars took control , Brian Sutherby scored his first goal of the season relatively soon after that . Things were going well until Steve Ott took an interference call and Dion Phaneuf scored right off of the faceoff . It seemed that Tom Wandell and Brad Richards took exception to that goal and they teamed up for a solid attack that (quite literally) netted Tom Wandell his first goal of the season . The Flames attacked back relatively hard but it was amplified by the miscues that Our Stars suffered . Our Stars came back and Richards , Eriksson and Ott all had fabulous attacks . Ott beat McElhinney but caught pipe instead of net . The Flames had a really solid attack at the end of the period , but they did not get anything done except for late hits on Grossman and Robidas . We played very good hockey in this period , so did the Flames for that matter . I still think we out played the Flames despite the fact that they scored once . 

 Jamie Benn drew a call relatively early in the third period but the resulting powerplay was not all that good . On a weird play , Brunnstrom scored but Ott was thrown in the box and the goal was waved off because Phaneuf tossed Ott into McElhinney on which the refs called goaltender interference . Whatever . Unfortunately , the penalty kill ended early when Bourque caught a rebound that Auld had no chance to stop . Lots of great hockey followed that . Then , a short time later , Richards spied a net driving Loui Eriksson who tapped the puck into the back of the net for his first goal of the season . A little later on , Benn took a tripping call (that Razor disagreed with)  . There were some interesting events during the penalty kill , but it still ended safely for us . With a mere 1:09 left in the game , McElhinney left his net unattended . Ott missed his shot from the blueline , but Richards who was a bit closer did not miss the empty net despite the defenseman standing in the crease . That pretty much ended the game .

 My Thoughts ;

 We all played right from the start . Nobody was along for the ride . That is what should happen every game .

 We won this game both on the ice and on the scoreboard . We out-worked and out-played the Flames and it showed .

 Our defensemen looked like the Stars that they are while the highly touted Flames defensemen made more than a few mistakes .

 I know that Our Stars were well rested and the Flames played and travelled the night before this game , but we played very well and we deserved to win .

A few players who , I felt , had a stand out game were Tom Wandell , Jamie Benn and James Neal . They did not run the table the whole game but , they all played at the top of their game . The best part is that they seem to be getting better .

 MY STARS of the game ;
 1. Alexander Auld – He played very well and allowed goals that were nearly impossible to stop . While he did well , I do not see him taking over the full-time job . I have a hard time thinking that the coaching staff will bench a five-million-dollar-a-year-player for the majority of the season . I was impressed with Auld and I am pleased that we have him to back up Marty . 
 2. All of Our forwards – They all played hard . Nobody really carried the game . They all played with intensity and drive . It was truly a team win .
 3. All Our defensemen – They too played solid . If one player messed up , there was always somebody there to help them out . It was that way from both forwards and defensemen . The only reason that the defensemen have the third Star is that only forwards scored .

 This was truly an excellent hockey game and not just because it was Our new coach’s and Our new G.M.’s first win . We won this game the right way . As a TEAM . I am proud of Our Dallas Stars .


~ by Adam on October 11, 2009.

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