Re-runs Are NOT My Favorite

 Especially when the results are a loss – shootout or not . Points maybe points and we do have two , but , I would rather have four points instead .
 Before the game , we all found out that the shot to the ribs from a stick from the previous game was going to keep Mike Modano from playing . We also discovered that Jere Lehtinen would still not be making his on-ice debut this season . I was not encouraged by this news . 

 Game recap ;

 The first period started out with plenty of turnovers and puck mishandling . Those two things resulted in the Oilers’ first powerplay . We actually looked good on it until Our defencemen forgot all about Mike Comrie who was camped out right in front of Marty . Unfortunately , he scored fairly easily . A very short time later , The Cap’n took a shot towards the goal that pinballed off an Oiler defenseman and the goalie and in for Our Stars’ first goal . Barch and Sheldon Souray looked like they wanted to fight but , all that really happened was Souray pretty much just tossed Barch to the ground repeatedly . After some improving play by Our Stars , Ribeiro was called for holding , but the cross check in the back that The Cap’n took went uncalled . The resulting penalty kill definitely had some scary parts to it but , thankfully , the Oilers were held off . Our Stars were rewarded with a powerplay a little later , but we were unable to get anything at all for our efforts . Grebeshkov crosschecked Tom Wandell in the back , head first into the boards . He was called for his transgression and received a single minor instead of the double minor that Razor (and I) thought he deserved .
 This period , we were not given any time or space with the puck . We could not seem to get any sustained pressure or any kind of momentum . It seemed like the only signs that we were alive came very late in the period on the powerplay . Slow starts to games were what plagued us last season , we do not need that again this season . Our faceoff win percentage was terrible in this period .

 The second period started with a mere forty-one seconds remaining on our powerplay . Ott and Stone fought a little later after Stone put a very late hit on Nick Grossman . Eriksson took a slashing call and Marty filled in Grebeshkov on the delayed call when Grebeshkov was standing in his crease . The penalty kill resulted in Marty Turco making a long pass down the ice an James Neal scoring a beautiful shorthanded goal . Sadly , though , the Oilers scored with about ten seconds left on that same powerplay . Horcoff was called for tripping Skrastins and after great attacks , Stephane Robidas scored from the point . Our pressure on the Oilers stayed solid until Dustin Penner beat Woywitka and then promptly put the puck past Marty . James Neal and Brad Richards had a great last second attack and Strangis and I both thought Richards scored when we saw the water bottle pop up , but unfortunately , the shot just hit the post hard enough to make it look like he scored .
 This second period was a lot like the home opener . We were playing better as the game progressed . Unfortunately , we were still not winning enough puck battles and still not dishing out enough hits . Our faceoff statistics remained in the toilet .

 The thrid period started with a four on three powerplay for us . The two off setting roughing minors from Stortini and Sutherby expired at the same time that The Cap’n scored for a second time . We continued to look good until Barch took a holding call . That penalty technically had ended but the Oilers managed to bounce a puck off of Grossman and past Marty to tie the game up again . The remainder of the period , Ott , Brunnstrom , and Wandell played great . Every time they took the ice , the Oilers seemed to back pedal . In the final seconds , The Cap’n almost won it when Khabibulin juggled his shot . Shamefully though , the puck stayed out of the goal .
 This period , we were better on puck hounding and it also seemed that some of our players finally woke up .
 The overtime period was very fast paced . Both teams certainly had their chances , but we had the better ones .
 Unfortunately Hemski scored the only shootout goal to send us away with one point instead of two .

 Overview ;

 This was a winnable game from the start . We just needed to get a better start instead of starting so slowly . We need to be ready to play from the first drop of the puck and I do not think we were .
 I felt like we turned over the puck far too often . Turn overs are what we are supposed to be forcing and creating not doing ourselves .
 The Oilers started out hitting and we came close to evening the number by the end of the game but we were still out-hit . That needs to change .
 Faceoffs . We may have evened out by the end of the game , but we were freakin’ horrible on the dot and we did lose quite a few of the earlier faceoffs .
 We did play well but I think this loss is because of work ethic . Few players were playing from the beginning to the end . We only seemed to be interested in playing at the end of the first and in the second . EVERYBODY needs to buy in from the start not just James Neal and The Cap’n .

 MY STARS of the game ;
 1. James Neal – Repeat performance ? I see good things in his future . If he can only get better , he will outshine everybody on the team .
2. The Cap’n – Brenden Morrow – With two goals and an assist he should have been a shoe-in for the first star except that he could not manage to motivate his line to get things going better . Other than that , he was great and I love to see him anchored in front of the net like he does so well .
 3. Carlis Skrastins and Stephane Robidas – They both played very well I am continually impressed with Skrastins and Robidas does what he always does and remains a consistent hitter and is always a scoring threat .
 4. Steve Ott – He would have been higher up on the list if he had shown that he was on the ice earlier the game . His line (with Wandell and Brunnstrom) ran things late in regulation . I really wanted to see a good hockey fight before this game started and he and Barch attempted to oblige me but I am still not satisfied with the results of either fight . Maybe he will do it for me again except maybe against the Flames (the “F” is silent) he will fight Iginla .

Oh, and by the way , if you had tickets to the home opener , Razor has agreed to get us new tickets because he guaranteed a win . For information go to . Try not to bankrupt poor Razor but do remember to look for me at the next Preds game , thanks to Razor , of course .

 Until next game ……


~ by Adam on October 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Re-runs Are NOT My Favorite”

  1. You know what’s getting on my nerves is not the turnovers or the lost face-offs, no! It’s all the people who, after only 2 games, are already starting the ” get rid of Turco” crap! Maybe he is getting up there in age, but I am not ready to chuck the towel in him. This is a new system EVERYONE is learning, not just the goalie!

  2. People who say things like that just have no patience and they are not REALLY fans of the team as a whole . Those are the same type of people who say they are Dallas cowboys fans but talk trash about “their” team when “their” team loses but will say that they are the greatest when they win.

    Band-wagon-riders are never welcome and that is all they are , band-wagon-riders .

    Dallas Stars Hockey ’til I Die !

  3. Amen to that, brother! Can’t wait to read your blog on the Calgary game. Especially about that “Diving” call last night on Robidas!

  4. That diving call might have been believable if they had called it on a different player . If you recall the refs called The Cap’n for diving before as well . I heard the interveiw with him the day after that game . He was less than pleased . I certainly did NOT agree with the call , but when a call is that blatantly wrong (especially when we all know what kind of player Robidas is) I do not think that we need to give any attention to the refs that might tarnish Our win .
    The officiating in that game was certainly wishy-washy . They only seemed to call which ever call they felt like – not what was deserved . It is almost as if they picked and chose the calls they wanted to make and were not interested in making them all correctly .

    But , after all , they are refs and nobody likes them anyway .

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