Off-Season Not So “Off” Thus Far

 Oooooh the fun we have had in the “off-season” thus far .

 Newy hired as G.M. That gets a tentative thumbs up – and it does look good so far . 

 Dave Tippett was fired . I did not like that , but in my heart of hearts , I think it had to be done .
 Marc Crawford was hired as our new head coach . It cannot be said that the man does not have talent , but I do hope that he can do better than what he did in L.A. for the Kings . Debates rage on whether or not he will be good for Our Team . We will see . I give no judgement on this yet …… ask me later in the season (I am also interested in the training camp a little more than last year’s for this reason alone) .

 Brenden Morrow and Stephane Robidas were invited to Team Canada’s camp . Very cool . They both deserve the recognition , but I do wonder why they did not bother asking Mike Ribiero . 

 Not to be out-done , Mike Modano was invited to Team USA’s camp . No surprise there .

 Brett Hull was elected to The Hockey Hall Of Fame . Definite thumbs up . That is truly great . I am proud for him .

 We picked young Scott Glennie for our first round draft pick (number eight over-all) . Good choice . I am interested in seeing him play . Soon . 

 Jere Lehtinen was re-signed to a one year deal . THANK THE HOCKEY GODS ! I might have cried (seriously) if he went and retired already . 

 We also re-signed Mark Fistric to a three year deal . Yet another positive .

 Center Warren Peters was signed to a one year deal . Not bad considering our salary cap .

  Defenseman Jeff Woywitka was signed to a two year deal . Also a good deal considering we still needed to bolster our goaltending position and fit under the salary cap .

 Goaltender Alex Auld was acquired for a sixth round pick in next year’s draft . That is a definite improvement in the goaltender situation that we faced in the last season . We do have good prospects up and coming , but they are clearly not ready to compete at a NHL level .

 And proving most of all that we do not get to take the “off-season” off , I am “re-decorating” my living room in a beach theme . Much like the decision of whether our new coach is going to be good or not , I am with holding judgement on how good of an idea this is until I see the final product . I do not know that the hockey gods answer prayers about living rooms , but try for me anyway – especially since ALL of my hockey memorabilia is being re-located into the hallway . My wife jokingly calls it “My Hall Of Fame” . Prayers – remember prayers .


~ by Adam on July 14, 2009.

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