Red Wings , Sidney Crosby And Why The Wings Should Win The Cup

 Okay , I have taken a lot of flack for saying on various places that I would rather see the Red Wings win The Stanley Cup than the Penguins . It seems that Dallas Stars fans think I am crazy (or that I am committing blasphemy) to want the Wings to win . I think that I should explain myself a little so people will get off of my case . 
First off , and most importantly , I do not like the Red Wings – in fact around my house they are commonly referred to The Detroit Dead Things . These are the reasons I do not like the Red Wings ;
 1. They have been at the top of the Western Conference for what seems like eons .
 2. We cannot seem to beat them on a consistent basis .
 3. They have the people in place to get results out of their players no matter how low their draft picks are .
 4. They always seem to have better luck with injuries – how many games has Nick Lidstrom missed in his tenure in Detroit ? Like ten ? And he is almost 50 ?
 5. I have a friend who lives in Detroit who calls and rubs any losses by my team to his team in my face (that really gets annoying and you don’t even want to know what he did when they won The Cup last season) .
 All of those reasons only point one unavoidable conclusion – I am jealous of the Red Wings organization . I know that it is true and I will not deny it like many other hockey fans . But I still do not like the Red Wings and I will not ever become a Red Wing fan . 

 Here is why I do not like Sidney Crosby ;
 1. He has been touted as the greatest hockey player ever when it is clear that he is a one-way player (If he had played when the rules were different like Gretzky , he would never have made it past his rookie season). His rookie year , he took home enough trophies that he needed a U-Haul trailer and immediately everyone thought he was the greatest . Sadly , Ovechkin (who plays a two-way game and is a complete player) was almost completely ignored . 
 2. He whines about every call made or not made .
 3. He is Canadian . This is not necessarily a bad thing – nor do I hate Canadians , but if Ovechkin had come from Canada and Crosby had come from Russia , Ovie would be the only player we would ever hear about and Crosby would be completely ignored . Plus maybe Don Cherry would not hate Ovie like he does .
 4. Other players on his team are often ignored . Yeah , they are getting some attention in the media now , but if it is not him , then it is Malkin or Gonchar , but that has only really happened in this last season . The team is loaded with talent and they are often ignored by the media when they play away games . 
 5. His lips can wrap around the bottom of a two liter soft drink bottle . Okay , so that is not really a good reason , but my wife pointed that out to me so , I had to include it . If he did that little trick at parties , I am sure he would be very popular .

 The Wings should win The Cup because I do not want Crosby to raise The Cup over his head . My dislike for him out-weighs my dislike for the Red Wings . Besides , if somebody has to win The Cup shouldn’t we cheer for the team from our own conference ? I would rather put up with my friend from Detroit calling me to laugh in my face that his team won The Cup – yet again – than put up with listening to how Crosby is so great that he led his team to win Lord Stanley’s Cup . AND Don Cherry would never shut up .


~ by Adam on June 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Red Wings , Sidney Crosby And Why The Wings Should Win The Cup”

  1. “If he did that little trick at parties , I am sure he would be very popular!”

    I suppose that would depend on what kind of party it is! (IE no “REAL” women)

  2. I agree, I hate the Red Wings also. But the one person you failed to give mention to was Ken Holland. He’s the reason the Wings are so dominate and until he retires, which will most likely not be soon, the Wings will dominate. He is without question and few will argue, the smartest man in hockey.

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