Stars Beat Blues 5 To 4

 Only in hockey can you win a game and be eliminated from the playoffs at the same time . We all knew it was an eventuality but , honestly , I did not think we would discover that it had happened after a win . We may be out and pretty much done for the season but we are still playing .

 The good news is that at least we are getting a few players healthy and back on the ice . Yeah , it may be too little too late , but as long as there is hockey to be played , it is never too late .

 The other good news is that Matt Climie did not look bad in net despite allowing four goals against . It is not any good that we lost Marty although he does deserve time off . I would have preferred him to just take the time off instead of being injured .

 In the game against the Blues , we looked pretty decent . Eriksson , Neal and Wandell played great together and accounted for two of the five goals scored . 

 Our team displayed determination that had been lacking . They never seemed to give up and I am proud of them .

 I was only disappointed that I was not able to attend the game . When they started tossing pucks over the glass after the game ended , I sure did wish I had been there . I really wished I had been there when the players started taking the sweaters off of their backs and giving them away after the game . Man , what I wouldn’t do for one of those .

 Knowing that we are out of the playoffs and that we have no more home games in which to support our team is kind of depressing , but today , they have one last practice in Frisco .  I am sooooo going . I hope to see you out there .

 I appreciate my team and the things that they have done for us fans . I am going to go out to the practice and personally tell them thank you for a good season .

 I will definitely miss them in the off-season . My wife won’t but that is for a different blog .


~ by Adam on April 6, 2009.

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