A Loss To Coyotes And A Win Against Kings

 To begin with , I did hold up my sacrifice to the hockey gods during the game against the Coyotes that I said I would . I did have to work early in the morning but , I will suffer for my team . It is just unfortunate that the hockey gods did not fully accept my offering . We did almost win and we did earn a point , but it would have been nice to have both points .

 You could tell that despite the fact that we lost in the desert that our recently called up players were helping out as best as they could . You could almost see them starting to get to a point where they were becoming more like a team . The fact that we made up goals to get the game into overtime and have a chance to win is something that we have not done in quite some time . It would have been nice to win , but the signs of better things yet to come were definitely there . The only real problem we had was that we allowed too many goals against .

 Ribeiro had a good game despite very long shifts at times . Chris Connor also had an excellent game . More players seemed to be actually playing than in previous games . We seemed to be throwing more at the net and getting in Bryzgalov’s way with more regularity than we have done for much of the season .

 The game against the Kings was better . While I still do not think that all of our players played their best , enough of them did to get the win .

 We scored on the powerplay twice and killed off both of the penalties that we took . Special teams play must factor into things when your team is as badly depleted as ours is currently (for that matter , when we were healthier and we did not take care of those things , we still lost) . Granted , there were times on both the powerplay and the penalty kill we did not look that good . The important thing is that you can see things beginning to come back together . It may be too late in the season , but at least most of our players are giving all that they have . 

 Games against the Kings seem to be problematic for Our Stars . We seem to either jump out in front early and then let them steamroll us for the remainder of the game or we show up and never do anything but skate around . This last game was different . We seemed to keep our focus better .
 Turco played well despite the two goals scored against him . He may not have been stellar , but it was good enough . A win is a win whether it is six to five or one to nothing . Style points never count on the scoreboard .

Another important part of this win is that Tippett rolled four lines all game . It may not sound like a big deal , but you have to rest your best players just like every other player . Ribeiro , Ott , Lehtinen and Eriksson are great players but if they are on the ice for almost half of the game , their tanks will run dry and they will be the equivalent of some of your fourth line players . The key to rolling four lines is to trust them to make smart plays while doing the job that the coach has set out for them . There have been times this season when the fourth line (no matter who was on it) have not done what they are supposed to do and taken penalties . Being a coach is definitely a difficult job that I do not envy .

 Brenden Morrison played fabulous . His two goals definately earned him his spot in the stars of the game . I honestly thought he was going to score at least once more before he scored his first goal of the game . I may be wrong but I thought he was the player who had the most scoring chances in the game .

 Garrett Stafford had his entire immediate family at the game . He put on a great show for them . He also played well in the game against Phoenix . If he plays that well with his family at the game , perhaps we should invite more player’s families to games so that they can all do so well .

 While Darryl Sydor did not figure into the stars of the game , I would have put him as my third star and moved Stafford up to the second position . Sydor played very well and broke up more than the odd play going towards Marty .

 The most important part of this win against the Kings is that we never sat back and everybody (well , almost everybody) played to the best of their abilities . We did suffer from mistakes , but we managed to make up for them . We limited the problems and kept our feet moving . I am pleased with this win .

 I was not pleased with Mike Modano and I am still not . How long has it been since he has contributed to the over-all game ? It seems as if he just does not want to play any more now that things have become difficult . I understand frustrations . I think all of us Stars fans do . We cannot do anything to change the outcome of any game , but he can . Too often it has seemed to me that he skates standing up instead of playing at full speed . Since the All-Star break he has truthfully contributed very little . As one of our few healthy “star” players you would think that he would step up and do as much (or more) than he was doing before half of the team had secured their spots on the IR roster . He has not though and that frustrates me even further . He has the ability but does nothing whereas we have no chance to make a difference but I know I would try my best and I am sure you would as well (although , I am certain I would be a greater liability than an asset to my team) . I do not like to call players out like this , but earlier in the season , he was earning my praise . Do the job or don’t , but don’t pretend to do the job . You only make others around you angry when you pretend to do your job .


~ by Adam on April 1, 2009.

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