Where To Start ?

 Should I start with the thought that we have not yet been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs but that our chances are exceptionally  slim after this loss ?

 Should I start with the fact that Marty Turco has been perforated this season like tissue paper and he often has no help from his defensemen ?

 Should I start with the fact that no matter how hard we try or how good we start out in first periods , we cannot seem to win ?

 Should I start by complaining at how poor the officiating was in the game against the Panthers ?

 Should I start with the fact that Mike Ribeiro pretty much called out the rest of the team for not performing , calling their effort “unacceptable” ?

 Or should we start with the complete laundry list of players now unable to play ?

 Yeah , I think that is as good of a place to start as any , then we will go right back up the list . In this last loss to the Florida Panthers , we have lost yet two more players in Stephane Robidas and Mark Fistric . That only adds to the loss of Brian Sutherby , Trevor Daley , Sergei Zubov , Brenden Morrow , Kry Barch , Brad Richards , Toby Petersen and Fabian Brunnstrom . Did I miss anybody ? Do we still have enough players to play a single freakin’ game ? Did I also fail to mention that Tippett said that he has never coached a team so heavily laden with injuries ? I have never before seen a team at the point of being totally devastated by injuries . Did the hockey gods decide to be Dallas Stars haters this season ? I want to know what’s really going on . Why US ?

 Mike Ribeiro did call out the rest of his team by saying that their combined effort was “unacceptable” and he rightfully did so . I do not think that anyone out there has more of a right to question or put in to doubt the work ethic of his fellow players than he , Jere Lehtinen , Steve Ott and James Neal do . If you notice I did not include many of our other players . Those four are probably the only ones who have given everything they have when they have been on the ice and healthy . Yes , they have all made costly mistakes that may or may not cost us a game , but at least they gave all that they had when they could . When you skate standing up for an entire game expecting things to be done for you , you are not doing things for the team . Ribeiro , Lehtinen , Ott and Neal have done their best for the team but the team has not backed them up .

 The officiating in the game against the Panthers was questionable at best . Call me a whiner if you want to , but at this point I really don’t care . Maybe Ribeiro did emphasise the highstick a little , but calling it diving was pretty weak . I was absolutely appalled when Campbell highsticked Ott in the face and then Ott was penalized for wanting to fight him for it , but received an unsportsmanlike conduct call instaed . I know that it was in a different game , but when Daley was injured , the player who clearly boarded him did not receive any kind of call , but in the game against the Panthers , Ott received a five minute major for almost the same thing except that the biggest difference was that the Florida player was not truly injured . Where is the consistency in all this ? 

 Our Stars have come roaring out of the gate in the last bunch of games but we take one penalty and the momentum shifts so severely that we cannot get our feet back under us for the rest of the game . This problem seemed to start way back in that game against the Sharks at the Shark Tank . It has almost seems like we go to the locker room after the first period and drink up all the NyQuil we can find and set the cruise control . I just do not understand . Do I really need to go out and buy the entire Earth’s supply of NyQuil so they cannot drink it between periods ? Or , should I just take a truckload of Whoop Ass out to a practice in Frisco and threaten each and every player that they must drink a case after each period ? Or ,would the players have to use the toilet too often to drink that much fluid ?

 Marty Turco . What can I really say ? He has had far less than a stellar season . He has owned the worst goals against average in the league for a large portion of the season . Not all of that is his fault , though . His defensemen have looked terrible (and so has the rest of the team in front of him for that matter) at times . So many goals have gone past him off of his own players this season that I think it has to be some kind of record . He has also allowed (what I would have to think would be) a record of “soft” goals to be scored against him this season . This is not the Marty Turco that we all know and love . This guy has to be an alien who took Turco’s place for the season . The Marty that we know posts shutouts in the playoffs against teams who have great ability to score . We want OUR Marty back .

 And finally , our chances at making the playoffs ? Well , mathematically we can make it in , but it is hard to believe that we can pull off a miracle with only seven games remaining . The reality of it is , that unless all the planets in the solar system align just right AND to the hockey gods’ satisfaction , we are all taking most of April off . Do not misunderstand , I do love my team (and that is why it hurts me to come to this conclusion) but we probably will not make it in to the playoffs this year . Even if we did , I cannot say that we have enough players left in the AHL , ECHL , the Finnish League and the Swedish Elite League left to fill the empty roster positions . 

 No matter what , tomorrow , I will sacrifice a six pack of Molson Canadian to the hockey gods during the Stars’ game against the Coyotes and whisper prayers that they can find it in their hearts to let us into the playoffs . Destroyed by injuries or not , it is still a matter of pride to say that MY team made it there . Here’s to the hockey gods . Drink up .

 Did I mention that I did all I could to keep from crying after the loss to the Panthers and that my wife cried when Robidas was helped off the ice ? Yeah , we are all depressed around here .


~ by Adam on March 29, 2009.

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