Trying And Doing

 We knew that Brad Richards had recovered early from one hand injury only to break the other after only two periods (if that) of hockey , before this game even started . Tom Wandell was called up to take the empty position on our roster .

 We also knew that everybody needs points to get anywhere in the standings . Vancouver is playing to get home ice advantage , we are just playing to make it in .

 This game started out very similarly to the game against the Sharks . We seemed to be doing very well in the first period UNTIL …. Very much like the game against the Sharks , we took a penalty and were unable to kill it off . It did not help that (to quote Razor) “a conga line to the penalty box” had begun to form . Fabian Brunnstrom’s holding call allowed Kesler to even the score . Then ,  a double minor to Mark Fistric for highsticking allowed Daniel Sedin to score and give the Canucks the lead . Both were unnecessary penalties . The hold was in the attacking zone and the highstick was just a careless lack  of not knowing where his stick was .

 Writers Note : 
 The definition of  “trying” – to test severely ; hard to endure .
 The definition of  “doing” – performing as an action ; to execute , as a piece of work . Dealing with or taking care of .

 The game was really lost in the first period , so it would do little good to go on about the rest of the game . When we get down , we seem to still try , but there is a difference in trying and doing . A perfect example of the difference in trying and doing is this ; have a friend hold an item – any item – in their hand . Try and take it from them without them attempting to stop you from doing so . If you took it without them stopping you , you did not try to take it , you did take it . Trying and doing are vastly different .

 We are trying to win , but we are not winning . Few players go to the front of the net . Nobody parks in the blue paint for us while every team that we lose to parks at least one guy there with regularity . Coincidence ? I think not .

 Pucks are tossed at our opponent’s net , but usually from distance . Shots from the outside are all good and well , but if you are not screening the goaltender or attempting to get a rebound , all you have done is bet that the goaltender has a blind-spot where you shot . Not many goalies have those and I have not met any yet who wear glasses .

 The goals that we did score against the Canucks were done so off the rush (which I think is Modano’s favorite way to score) and off of a scrum right in  front of Luongo . Scoring off the rush is a good thing , but it cannot be the only thing . Brenden Morrison’s goal was off of nastiness in close on Luongo . That is the way we must score more .

 Obviously , we miss Brenden Morrow for his ability to drop anchor in front of our opponent’s net , but we do have twenty other players who could do that as well . James Neal , Brian Sutherby and Landon Wilson seem to be the only players who have ever seemed interested in dropping anchor there , but even they do not do so often . For the life of me , I cannot figure out why they don’t . 

 Trying to win is all good and well , but it is the doing part that is killing our chances at making the playoffs . We must win . We must make it to the playoffs . We are not a team that should be excluded this season . We all have to play hard throughout the entire game and not just part of it . Each player must do their each individual jobs to the best of their abilities . 

 The good points in this game (and they were few) were that we had goals scored by players other than Mike Ribeiro , Steve Ott and whomever Tippett puts with them (whether it is Jere Lehtinen or Loui Eriksson) . Brenden Morrison and James Neal both scored . That is the “secondary scoring” that has become a primary need . We need more players to step up to do the same thing as those two are doing .

 We clearly out-shot the Canucks , but it was the quality of the shots that really made the difference on the scoreboard . Now I feel like we have come full circle back to how we attack the net .

 Despite all of the things that I feel we are doing incorrectly , I do still have hope for Our Dallas Stars . We are a good team . We can win .


~ by Adam on March 26, 2009.

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