Three On The Road , Dropped Like Rocks

 We went to Vancouver and lost . We went to Calgary , and lost . Then , we went to San Jose and lost again . I do not like “streaks” like this . 

 The game against Vancouver was winnable . The game in Calgary was definitely winnable . The game in San Jose was winnable …. for the first seven minutes but after that , it looked like we all quit playing . I understand being upset with losing games , but you cannot quit .

 We are missing players . Brad Richards has been in and back out of the line up and there is a long list of players that we all , now , know by heart who are out of our line up . Missing players is an excuse for losing as many games as we have , but it is a cop-out excuse at this point . We have been missing players all season and we still found ways to win .

 Our playoff window is closing quickly . We absolutely must start winning again . It has been theorized that if we are going to make it to the playoffs , we need eighty-nine points . We only have ten games in which to get those points . Right now , we only have seventy-four points . According to theories , we need fifteen points out of a possible twenty . Is it possible ? YES , but only if we refuse to play only a few minutes of a game and then give up when we take a penalty .

 We can do this . It will definitely not be easy . Every team is now fighting for a place in the playoffs . We have to play our best and never give up . We are a good team , and we have to play like it .

 I still have faith in our team . We have to make it to the playoffs . It would be the first time since the move from Minnesota that Our Dallas Stars have not made it to the playoffs if we did not . That will not , should not , and cannot happen . I have faith in Our Dallas Stars . You should , too .


~ by Adam on March 22, 2009.

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