Stars Down ‘Canes

 And I am very glad that we did . We needed those points .

 The way that we won was also very important . We beat a team who was surging forward and looking good . They had most of their players while we are missing seven players . Zubov , Lehtinen , Morrow , Petersen , Brunnstrom , Richards and Parrish all out for us . Honestly , I was a little worried about this game , but I had hope .

I was not very enthusiastic about the way things were going when the first period ended . When we gave up a short handed goal to Brind’amour , I was not very pleased . We did manage to get good attacks on the powerplays and we were generating shots . For all the chances on OUR powerplay we had , the ‘Canes seemed to almost have as many . Thankfully , this did not carry over into the second period .

 The second started out looking like the ‘Canes forecheck was going to keep hurting our game , but on a great individual play , Mike Ribeiro spun a pass behind him , off an defender and past Cam Ward to tie the game . Yeah , it was luck , but it counts , and I will take it . That was quickly followed up by a net-crashing attack by Connor and Bégin that earned Bégin his first goal as a Dallas Star after he tossed an opposing defender into his own net . It might have been what people call a garbage goal , but it certainly was pretty . Near the nine and a half minute mark , Barch , Morrison and Modano had a great attack . After their first venture in the ‘Canes zone , they followed up immediately with Morrison’s goal . Our Stars did get into trouble during a penalty kill where they had been hemmed in their own zone for far too long . It certainly had scary moments but we managed to keep the puck out of Marty’s net . Between Daley , Grossman and Fistric , Marty did not have to make too many saves .

While Our Stars did have great attacks in the third period , the ‘Canes were the only ones to score . Brian Sutherby would love to have that one back . The cross-ice pass from Brind’amour barely slipped under him and hit Whitney right on the tape . Marty did not have a chance to stop the shot . He may have been unable to stop that shot , but Marty did make some spectacular saves .

 Our Stars won this game because (stop me if you have heard this before) they all did their own , individual jobs . So many of our players played at the top of their ability .

 The ‘Canes’ forecheck was a problem from time to time , but when all of our players gave support to each other , it was not as big of a problem .

 It was also very important that we were able to carry the puck into their zone relatively easily . Puck possession has been something that we have struggled with . I am not saying that we did not have problems with turnovers , but that did not seem to be as bad as in other recent games .

 We may have been down seven very key players , but we found a way to win . That is something that we must continue to do . We have a good team and we have to remember that we do .

 MY STARS of the game ;
1. Steve Bégin – I can hardly argue with this choice . He played very well on both sides of the puck .
 2. Mike Modano and Mike Ribeiro – Mo looked better than he has in a while and Ribs played great despite getting almost twenty minutes of ice time . Too much ice time for him (or anybody really) is not a good thing .
 3. Brenden Morrison and James Neal – Mo’s linemates looked very good as well . Morrison tipped Mo’s shot and earned his first goal in a Stars jersey and Neal gave everything he had – just like he always does every game .

 Honorable mentions ;
 Where to start ? 
 Mark Fistric , Nicklas Grossman , Trevor Daley , Matt Niskanen , Stephane Robidas and Darryl Sydor all blocked shots . Fistric seemed to block more shots than he was given credit for and was exceptionally good .
 Krys Barch , Landon Wilson , Steve Ott , Marty Turco , Chris Connor , Brian Sutherby and Joel Lundqvist all looked great . The only player who looked like he was really struggling was Loui Eriksson . Even though he was struggling he never played badly .

 On a side note , it was good to see Jussi Jokinen playing here again . Hearing his interview during the first intermission was enjoyable . I am glad that he still wants to be back here .


~ by Adam on March 13, 2009.

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