I know I have not been blogging recently , but I do have a good reason . I have been forced to suffer the flu for a while . Now that I am better , I can blog about how sad I am about Our Dallas Stars current record .

 The road trip to California was relatively productive , but they should have come out of that trip with six points instead of five . The loss against Montreal was a painful thing for all Stars fans and the loss to the Blues was just plain sad .

 We need points just as bad as earlier in the season i9n order to even make it to the playoffs , but we cannot seem to beg , steal or borrow them to save our lives . Given , we are missing a LOT of players , but we do have a good group of players left who can win when they try .

 And that is really the hardest part to watch . When we dropped the game to the Habs , that really hurt , but when we did not even look like we came to play in St. Louis , that was devastating . What really hurt the absolute most was when Strangis and Razor had absolutely nothing to say on air . They were in as much shock as all of us fans were . Their silence when they usually can find something positive to say , but in that game , the silence spoke louder than anything they could have ever said .

 I really hope that Our Dallas Stars will do the best that they can and make it into the playoffs . I know they have it in them , I just hope they remember that they do .

 I love my team and seeing us struggling the way that we have really hurts . We need wins .


~ by Adam on March 11, 2009.

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