Why does this always seem to happen to us against the Kings ? We look like we are in control of the game (at least for a few minutes) and then we drop the ball , or the puck in this case . 
 We blew an even bigger lead against them a while back when we were up by five and the Kings came back and beat us six to five . We sometimes think that we can write the Kings off when we have them down and go to a “prevent defense”  but it never seems to work .

 We won a huge game against San Jose but we lost this one . This was supposed to be an easier game to win . Obviously not . We all thought that we had the hard game done with , but the Kings were not ready to just lay down and die .

 Our turnovers were , again , attrocious . They took the puck from us with forced and unforced errors .

 Our powerplay went zero for three chances . Our penalty kill did well until we kept reloading their powerplay gun . The stupid penalties that we took at the end of the third lost us the game . While some of the penalties that we took were questionable , certainly not all of them were . I understand Marty wanting his net cleared , but doing so with his stick and drawing a penalty against him was not the way to do it . I also understand that Fistric felt the need to shove around his opponents who were charging the net , but the punch in the face (that was exaggerated very well) that gave him a roughing minor need not have been taken . He could have easily punished him next shift with a solid hit and words of “love” whispered in his opponents’ ear .

 This was not the worst loss we have seen and we did get a point out of it , but we absolutely cannot continue to play like this . Prevent defense does NOT work for us . Nursing a three goal lead against the Kings is not the way we are going to win .

 It appeared that Our Stars only got their ducks in a row for part of the game . They did have a good second period , but the sacrifice of two goals was not a winning choice . Offense at the expense of defensive play is not the answer .

 This game was not pleasant to watch . The first period looked like neither team was interested in playing . The second period looked like neither team wanted to play solid defense and the third was little more than a conga line to the penalty box for poor choices by Our Stars .

 The positive part of this game was that three of our four lines scored . Four different players beat Ersberg .

 Another positive was that Brenden Morrison looked pretty good despite the fact that he got his name on the scoresheet for something negative . I do think that he will fit in well here .

 Many of our players played well , but they only seemed to play offense well . It was their defensive abilities that were lacking . This would be the part of my blog where I award MY STARS of the game but , today , only Marty Turco gets honorable mention . Again , it was for the lack of defensive playing that no one but Marty got any award from me .

 Let us all hope that Our Stars take the game against the Ducks a little more seriously .


~ by Adam on March 6, 2009.

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