Lucked Out Again

 Recently , I posted my “Lucked Out” blog in which I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Ralph Strangis answer a dozen questions for me . I was able to attend a Dallas Stars game where I met Jeff K around the same time I posted the afore-mentioned blog . I asked him if he would be interested in doing the same for me as Mr. Strangis had done . He kindly responded that he would , but only if I referred to him as Mr. K . So , again , I have lucked out .

 For those of you who may not know , Mr. K  is not only a well-known local radio personality , but he is also the Music Director for The Dallas Stars Organization during the games .

  I have added a few comments in parentheses after his answers . Enjoy .

 1) How long have you been involved with The Dallas Stars organization and how did you come to be involved with them ?

 Mr. K  :”I was a season ticket holder from 93-96 , then again from 98-04 . I began working for the team as a music consultant during the 2005-06 season , then taking over as Music Director before the 2006-2007 season . ”

 2) When and where was your first “on-air” job ?

Mr. K  :” My first radio gig was at KNON 90.9 community radio in Dallas in 1987 . ”

3) Who influenced you the most to get into the radio business ?

 Mr. K  :”I had a neighbor growing up in the late 70’s early 80’s that was a DJ on the college radio station in my town and I was fascinated by that as a profession, then listening to George Gimarc do the Rock & Roll Alternative on legendary Dallas Rock station 98 KZEW in the 1980’s really motivated me to make a go at it .”

 (Who could blame him with help like that and motivation like the ZOO . Man , I miss that station .)

4)You told me recently that you have started a new “day-time”  job , would you please explain what you have become involved with ?

 Mr. K :” I am currently a full-time Production Director for Clear Channel Radio Dallas . I do commercial production for KDGE , KEGL , KHKS , KDMX , KZPS and CNN 1190 . You can also catch me most weekends on air at KDGE 102.1 The Edge .”

 (Mr. K  does the “Old School Edge” show in the mornings (only on weekends) that I usually catch on my way to work . He plays good stuff and I really enjoy it .)

5) Do you handle the music for The Dallas Mavericks Organization as well as for The Dallas Stars Organization ?

 Mr. K :”I only program music for The Dallas Stars .”

 (I had to ask this – I was somewhat misled into believing that he did both by a third party I shall not name .)

6) Have you ever been forced to have a fan removed from a game ?

 Mr. K :”No .”

 (I had thought that he might have been forced to do so given the rivalry of other teams and the stand-offish nature of some of their fans . I am grateful that he has not been forced to do so . I can imagine that it might be a little … uncomfortable to have to do so .)

7) Do you have a pre-game tradition as some players do on game day ?

 Mr. K :”No .”

8) You have had the opportunity to meet many bands in your line of work and I was curious as to who was your favorite to “hang out” with ?

Mr. K :” Meeting bands is a cool and sometimes awkward perk of being in the radio / entertainment business . I’d say the coolest bands to hang out with have always been the ones from right here in Dallas , who you know and understand your heart’s in the right place . Bands like the Old 97’s , Polyphonic Spree , The Toadies and Bowling For Soup .”

 (It had honestly not occurred to me that meeting bands might be awkward . I guess it could be very uncomfortable if they were really not interested in doing your show in the first place or if they were just jerks – and I am sure Mr. K  has dealt with both types . That kind of sucks to think that bands would be like that .)

9) I collect hockey memorabilia , what types of things do you collect ?

Mr. K :” I used to be an AVID hockey memorabilia collector … I actually have a complete set of 79-80 Topps including the Gretzky rookie (card) … that I collected out of PACKS bought from the local store when I was a kid , I also have a closet full of Stars jerseys… various designs and players … some autographed… my favorite is an autographed Modano Team USA Jersey … and that leads to …..”

10) Do you have a favorite hockey player ? Who ?

 Mr. K :”When the Stars moved to Dallas in 1993 , I had the pleasure to get to know a young Mike Modano . I was working at 94.5 The Edge in those days and he was equally fascinated by my job as I was by his . He would come on the air with me several times and I would make him mix CD’s . Over the years we haven’t been “best friends” by any stretch of the imagination but we do see each other at the arena , Stars events etc. and he always makes a point to stop by and catch up … oh , and he’s also the greatest American born scorer of all time .. nuff said !” 

 (WOW ! …… Did I say WOW ! yet ?)

11) What is your usual breakfast ?

 Mr. K :” Coffee and a banana .”

 (Hmmm…. I never thought that would be a pleasant combination . At least he is getting his caffeine and potassium – both are very important parts of a day .)

 I thank you for taking the time for my blog Mr. K .

 Thank you for taking the time to read this …….. A Gretzky rookie card – man do I wish I had one or three of those …..


~ by Adam on March 3, 2009.

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