Disappointing Might Cover It

 I have missed blogging about the last three games for Our Dallas Stars due to work and personal issues , but I did not miss watching them . Watching the games was disappointing at best and devastating at worse . Four losses in a row really hurts no matter who we lose to and no matter at what point it is in the season .

 The things that hurt the most (besides the mounting injuries) is the seeming lack-luster play that we seem to be suffering from . To their credit , some players are giving their all . Ribs , Lehtinen and Ott were doing their best when they could , but if you only have one scoring line , it is easy for your opponent to shut you down offensively . That is what we are suffering from – a severe lack of scoring . Marty is doing his best but he cannot make up for the mistakes that his defensemen are making right in front of him .

 I hate to watch other teams leap-frog over us in the standings and I am certain that Our Stars are not enjoying it either . We have got to find a way to get the full two points instead of finding ways to allow our opponents to get them .

 Ott was attacked after the game against the Ducks had ended . He ended up suspended and we will discover his fate after the league reviews things . In my very biased opinion , if anybody deserves to be suspended , it would be Giguere and Moen for their unsolicited attack on Steve Ott , not the other way around . Giguere started hitting Ott with his stick and proceeded to maul him , at which point Moen busted in and commenced to pounding the crap out of a defenseless Steve Ott . I docorrectly use the word “defenseless” because if Ott swung with his cast , he would risk suspension and further damage to his hand . I am truly appalled by the fact that Ott was punished for this action .

 Also , Les Jackson has been filmed several times and said that he and Hull are not going to make trades to get players here for a run at the playoffs at the expense of the future . He has said that all we need are our current players healthy . I have to admit , I think that is probably true . Think about it , we are missing : Morrow , due to an ACL injury , Zubov , who is recovering from his most recent surgery (he will not be back this season) , Petersen , with a broken foot and Richards , from a broken arm . If we had those guys back , we would be a formidable team again . Obviously , we do not have them and we are being steamrolled and losing ground in the standings . It hurts , but I am still on Les Jackson’s side on this . We have strong players in the wings and we need to keep them . It almost seems as though we cannot get big name players here (and keep them here) in any other way than grow them here .

 It has been very painful to watch Our Dallas Stars lose and drop in the standings , but I am still and always will be their fan and nobody else’s . Besides , the season is NOT over . Ain’t NO fat lady singing yet .


~ by Adam on March 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Disappointing Might Cover It”

  1. if anyone right should be pissed….it’s Ott!!!

    where was the support when he was gett mauled by the entire Ducks team on the ice??

    Pretty sad when a player has no choice to risk almost certain injury when have to defend himself because his teamates left him high and dry.

    Kinda sums up this team right now

  2. They are NOT sticking up for each other and that is an excellent point .

    If you noticed , in the game against the Penguins , Darryl Sydor took a hit that was a little too high -more specificly , right in the head- and nobody said anything to Sykora who was the one who hit him . If Ludwig , Hatcher or Verbeek had been on the ice , there would have definately been problems for the Ducks instead of the one-sided stomp that ended up occuring .

    Our team seems to have less faith in themselves than some of their fans – and that is a sad commentary in and of itself -with as fickle as some Dallas sports fans are . Our Stars look as if they have lost heart . We will not get any higher up in the standings with an attitude of defeat .

    Where is Tony Robbins when we need him ?

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