Just Another Work Day In Frisco

 The day after The Dallas Stars Foundation had their annual Casino Night , I decided to go out to the practice . It was a good decision .

 I managed to get there early enough to be able to tell all of the players who played in that game against San Jose that they deserved to win , not the Sharks . Most of them agreed with me others just said thanks and kept on going (since I did not have anything I wanted signed – I left my program that I wanted James Neal to sign at home) . It was great early . There were no professional autograph hounds until after all of the players had gone in the locker room . I was alone . I really enjoyed being able to “chat” with the players who were interested in doing so .  (On a personal note , I have decided that I have developed a strong dislike for the professional autograph hounds . Selling things on Ebay that you can easily get , that the players happily give , seems to me like they are taking advantage of the players good will . I do get things signed for others , but I refuse to make any kind of profit off of it . I give it to the people who asked for the item at whatever it cost me , and in some cases for free . Call me old fashioned but , to me , it just seems wrong .) 

 Not everybody showed up to the practice . Zubov came in with the help of walking braces , but was in a great mood (I offered to help him with the door – he seemed shocked , but said he could get it and thanked me for asking – maybe he is not as scary as some people have made him out to be ). Morrow and Ott came in , but neither one of them skated . Toby Petersen and Brad Richards (not surprisingly) did not show up at all . Rumour has it that Richards has a doctor in Tampa that he is seeing and who knows where Petersen is .

 Brenden Morrow was the first player to show up to “practice” by shooting pucks from the blue line towards the opposing net . He did get a few in , but it looked more like he was playing around more than really trying .

 Brunnstrom and Stephan (just recalled yesterday) were the first two players to really get on the ice . When Connor got on the ice , I had to grimace at his horrible looking beard . Geez man – shave that mess !

 I had to laugh at Marty Turco while he was on the ice . Not because he stopped almost every shot , but when there was no play going on in his direction , he kept throwing pucks over the glass in comical attempts to hit Daryl “Razor” Reaugh . Razor actually came closer to hitting Marty when he threw them back at him . Once practice had ended , they did have a few minutes of time in their own private meeting .

 This was a fast paced practice . Once behind Marty’s net , Ribeiro , Lehtinen , Turco and a few others all got into a “play” tussle after one group had driven the net relatively hard . You could tell it was not serious , but it was enjoyable to watch .

 Stu Barnes and Dave Tippett even got in on the action and skated hard in drills with the players . Tippett decided that Neal and Brunnstrom needed to stay a little later than the rest of the team and had them working on drills with the puck .

 I also happened to see Ralph Strangis . I thanked him again for allowing me to post my “Lucked Out” blog . He thanked me again for doing what he called a great job with it . Now , if I could just get Razor to answer a dozen or so questions ………..

 Oh , I will have pictures up on my MySpace site as soon as I can .


~ by Adam on February 25, 2009.

One Response to “Just Another Work Day In Frisco”

  1. Aw, man, you are killing me. I so miss going to practices. Hub and I did head over after church on Sunday and caught the young ones in a pick-up game. They all looked like they were having fun but I thought poor Krahn was going to have to crawl off the ice before they finally finished. They wore him out.

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