Stars Lose Despite Sharks’ Best Efforts

  And the Sharks really tried hard to lose . Really , they did . That is what angered me most about this game . Nabokov was the only Sharks player who played the entire game . 

 You may think this is funny , but it is not . I hate the Vs. network so badly that I had the game on the television and the radio on so I could hear Ralph Strangis’ and Daryl “Razor” Reaugh’s calling of the game despite the almost ten second delay . It was hard to follow at times , but I really hate Vs.  .

 When I heard before the game that not only was Zubov , Morrow , and Richards were out , but Modano had the flu , I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach . I felt sure we were going to get run over completely . That was not the case .

 The puck dropped in the first period with my stomach sinking , thinking we were going to be mauled by San Jose . Instead , Our Stars looked great early and they were obviously out-working the Sharks . They severely out-played them while the Sharks just kind of showed up . I was very frustrated that we looked better at even strength than on the powerplay that we had in this period . Our Stars won this period easily .

 The second period showed that the Sharks still were not all that interested in playing – even with the changes in their lines that their coach made . We started miscuing and players were crashing into each other on more than one occasion . That was cleaned up but it still cost us time . There was still no space or time for either team to do very much with the puck . Both teams had their forecheck going pretty strongly . We , again , won this period despite not scoring a goal .

 The third was the only period where the Sharks seemed to want to start trying to win . Setoguchi managed to get in on Marty faster than Marty thought he would and fired off the only shot that beat him . Later in the period , with Marty on the bench , we still could not beat Nabokov .

 This game was one of the most frustrating games I have watched in some time . We won this game on every single level except for on the scoreboard . We out-shot , out-worked and just plain out-played the Sharks . Our Dallas Stars deserved to win this game . The Sharks deserved to lose this by more than three goals . They sooooooo did not earn this win . They only really played for the final two minutes of the game . That was probably what frustrates me the most . They still won when WE deserved the points . 

 Despite the fact that Tracy Myers gave the “stars of the game” to Nabokov , Sutherby and Setoguchi , I never can agree with her , so,
 MY STARS of the game ;
 1. Brian Sutherby – He did earn this . He had a truly great game . If I need to explain why , you did not watch the game .
 2. James Neal – He tried his best to beat Nabokov and just could never manage to despite great opportunities to do so . He gave all he had to fill in for the many players that we are currently missing .
 3. Mike Ribeiro and Jere Lehtinen and Steve Ott – They all played a huge amount of time . They did everything that each of them , individually , are spectacular at doing . I was just sad that none of them managed to beat Nabokov .
Honorable mentions ;
 Fabian Brunnstrom , Raymond Sawada and Loui Eriksson all had great chances at Nabokov but he was just unbeatable , at least that time . Marty Turco played well , but he was not tested to the extreme like Nabokov was .

 This game still makes me angry when I think about it . WE should have won , NOT them . They did NOT deserve it . I hope they ALL catch Mo’s flu bug and cannot play for an entire week – jerks .


~ by Adam on February 24, 2009.

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