Playing Ketchup Or Is That Catch Up ?

 Either way , I have a lot of both to do . In case you did not know , as soon as I posted “Lucked Out” , my computer decided to “misbehave” . I just received back my repaired , non-melted computer so now I can catch back up on all the blogging I missed .  I will be condensing to a brief over-view for three games I missed posting on and I will post a separate blog for the Stars / Sharks game . 

 Dallas Stars at Columbus Blue Jackets ;

  This was a good game for us despite the lack of offense . We got the two points , but mainly because of Marty Turco . There were many players who deserved recognition for this win . Mike Modano , Loui Eriksson , Jere Lehtinen , James Neal , Toby Petersen , Nicklas Grossman , Joel Lundqvist , Mark Fistric , and , of course , Marty Turco all played this game very well . I was pleased with the win but not so much with the officiating . The last two minutes of regulation play resembled a bar room brawl and almost all of it went uncalled . I hated that Richards had broken his hand on a weird hit along the boards . It almost looked like any other hit and nowhere near as dangerous as it turned out to be . We will be in trouble without him in future games because of this injury .

 Edmonton Oilers at Dallas Stars ;

 This game was not really representative of the four to two final score . Our Stars forced many turnovers and really had much better puck security than the Oilers did . Many of the Oilers turnovers were not forced . Puck security was a very strong point for us in this game . Our defense was solid . We kept our sticks active and broke up many plays . It also forced the afore-mentioned turnovers . Every 0single one of Our Stars played hard and did their individual jobs . MY STARS of the game were (in this order) ; (1) Brian Sutherby , Krys Barch , Raymond Sawada (2) Steve Ott , Mike Modano , and (3) Fabian Brunnstrom .

Chicago Blackhawks at Dallas Stars

 This started out bad when FSN decided to show women’s college basketball instead of showing the first half of the first period . I was far less than pleased . The game itself was frustrating to watch . At one point , I was wishing that some of our players would just start cross-checking some of the Hawks in the face to get them off the ice . I hate that we can never seem to get the better of this young , fast team . We never seemed to be able to hold onto pucks and we were not funnelling pucks to the net anywhere near as much as we should have been . MY STARS of the game included Marty Turco (we certainly would have lost by a far larger margin if he had not been fabulous) , Steve Ott , Krys Barch and Mike Ribeiro .

 I would have preferred to have written different blogs for each of these , but for the sake of time , I am forced to do things this way . Thank you for your patience .

 Oh , and for the record , I am not a fan of having Fabian Brunnstrom on the powerplay . He can score , but I worry about him too often .


~ by Adam on February 24, 2009.

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