Turco Beats Vancouver

 I need to start by saying that I am sorry for not writing sooner . I do have good reasons , though . My computer died and had to be buried moments after I posted my “Lucked Out” blog (which really sucks because I was never able to thank Mr. Strangis  for giving me permission to post the blog after he read it) . I do hope to have my computer back “in seven to ten business days” . Yeah , we’ll see about that . I will be blogging at irregular intervals because I have been forced to borrow time on other people’s computers .

I was lucky enough to actually be able to go to this game . I really enjoyed the experience except for a few (band-riding) fans . There was a group of four young twnety-somethings who had tickets to sit on row whatever seats whatever through whatever . The only problem with that was that those seats belonged to season ticket holders who had arrived to the game on time and not during the second period . It turned out that the season ticket holders had tickets to different seats four spaces to the left due to a reprinting error from their ticket agent . The head whiner of the twenty-somethings decided to pitch a fit and went and found an usher . The season ticket-holders offered to move but the child was not having any . He complained for a long time (and loudly) to the usher in an attempt to get better seating . All of this was going on during the game , not an intermission or even during a stoppage of play  . My wife and I were less than pleased . We moved to an entirely different section because of that guy and his group . I am sure that next time I will not be sitting near him or his group of pre-schoolers . If I do , I promise to make it unpleasant for him .

 The game started out looking like a classic Stars / Canucks game , with low score and little offense . Only Pyatt managed to beat a goal tender in the first period . Unfortunately , we did not manage to beat La Babara to even things up at one , yet . The goal that Pyatt scored looked like a goal that Marty should have been able to stop easily . It was clear that Marty got mad that he had allowed it . He smacked the goal post with his stick after it had gone by him . I think he thought Pyatt was going to pass the puck , not shoot it .  Either way , Marty seemed mad enough to decide that he was done allowing goals for the night .

  The second period displayed the rest of the scoring for the game . Thankfully , it was done by Loui Eriksson and Joel Lundqvist . Many back and forth attacks and scary attempts at both goal tenders never netted any other points for the game . The thing that frustrated me with this period was that Our Stars started passing and not shooting even when we were on the powerplay .

 The third started out with Marty making huge saves . As pleasant as it was to have the saves that made and keep the score at 2 – 1 , I did not like the fact that all we seemed to be able to do was turn over the puck in our own zone . On the odd occasion that we did have an attack , all that happened was more passing . Only James Neal and Mike Modano had any real chances at scoring and shot instead of wanting to pass .

 This game was very frustrating because of the decision to pass instead of shoot . I did enjoy watching it , but it seems that our offense has started on the Ny Quill . Our forwards did manage to play some good defense but offense is what was lacking . 

 Puck control also seemed to be an issue as time went on in the game . Turnovers in our own zone allowed Marty to be tested far too often . It seems when we get tested by our opponent’s forecheck , we start screwing things up . Thankfully , Marty was there to clean up the mess that was in front of him .

 I could not stand the officiating in this game . To call it pathetic , would be an understatement similar to saying “the ocean is a little damp” . The refs allowed too many penalties to be committed for and against both sides that should have been called and called ones that were , at best , questionable . I had not seen this bad of officiating in quite some time . Not only were the officials making poor choices with what was called , but they were incessantly in the way of the puck . They were hit with the puck more times than I can count in the first period alone ! It seemed to me that they decided that the teams were going to have to play around them . They stood still and kept puck in the offensive zones at times and at others wiped out entire plays throughthe neutral zone . I have never been so frustrated with officials (well , maybe once before) as I was with this game .

 MY STARS of the game ;
 1. Marty Turco – Of this there cannot be any doubt . He was the reason that we won this game . He may have allowed one “stoppable” goal past , but he did not allow any more past despite the fact that they probably should have . Marty was truly stellar .
 2. Jere Lehtinen – I know I am partial to him anyway , but he did his job very well . With or without the puck he was absolutely solid . He was there for scoring chances and he was there to help clean up any mess left in Marty’s lap .
 3. James Neal and Mike Modano – When they came onto the ice , the Canucks knew it . They were two of the few forwards who shot the puck instead of passing it off (except for that one time when Mo screwed up a breakaway three on two chance and we have forgiven him for that – being a living legend has a tendency to give you a little more leeway when you make mistakes) .

 Please bear with me with my computer issues . I hope to have the Stars/Blackhawks and the Stars/ Jackets blogs posted tommorrow .


~ by Adam on February 17, 2009.

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